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Sydney Learners & bike clubs ?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by iamvinhy, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. Anyone know of any learner bike clubs?
    or bike clubs/groups that dont mind letting
    the learners tag along?

    Or any learners that just go for group rides? =p
    about to get my license soon.. dont know anyone
    here that rides - im in Liverpool (south west) n yeah 8)

  2. Most of the users on this forum are from Victoria, but there are some of us Sydney siders on here as well, me for example :D . Alot of us are learners or P platers too, so basically most rides in Sydney will be learner friendly :) . I think Exmenace is from somewhere near liverpool.

    Anyway, when you are "liberated", let me know and we'll head out for a learner/provisional fang :D
  3. Sounds good :LOL:

    Have you ever gone to the olympic park? it looks fun to ride around on.. the roads there look really good to practise on.. n they're long etc so itd be a good ride
  4. hi
    i also am a recent L recipient. Keep an eye on the forums and the calendar. Us Syd boys are trying to ret a few rides happening and thinking of starting a coffee club as well. Working on venue at the moment.

    any ideas, any one ??????
  5. Sydneysiders ride get togethers

    Sounds like a mad idea, homebush is good from my experience there are alot of learner drivers out there that make it havoc to ride sometimes, when I was learning to ride I used industrial areas on the weekends. I reckon we should get where everyone lives and make central point to meet


  6. Yeah definately.

    By the way, what are some sporty bikes that I can have on my L's?
    So far its the kawasaki zx2r which is 250.. are there any with more cc's but still have a sporty look and are learner legal? :LOL:
  7. We have our first Sydney Netrider ride not so long ago which was cool. Hoping for a new one soon. Keep an eye on the events section.
  8. welcome iamvinhy 8)

    get the RVF400!! sweet looking ride and i believe its the fastest learner legal in NSW.... however they're pretty hard to come by and usually go for about $8-10K....... :? ... otherwise look at the CBR250rr, FZR, zzr. (wouldnt recommend 2 strokes if your new to bikes.....i.e RS125, Mito, NSR etc....)... other than that have fun test riding and shopping!! :D :D

    hope to see ya on one of the SYD rides soon! :)
  9. Ah thanks :]

    Yeah im gonna test ride a few just so I can see which one I like the feel of.. who knows maybe the ZX2R might be heaps uncomfortable.. haha :LOL:
  10. Re: Sydneysiders ride get togethers

    I'll raise this in a fresh forum
  11. we do learner rides on www.ozsportsbikes.com and I am more than happy to head out with some learners for a run
  12. G'day mate am in liverpool and just got my L's and got a bike as well so yeah am looking for someone to ride with.
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  13. You resurrected a 10 year old thread.
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  14. at least he used the search function hahahaha
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  15. Justus (last seen January) will be so pleased.
  16. forgive me but who? O:)
  17. Steady on here fella, he lurks under a different name these days. He may pull some strings and have your likes removed.
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  18. What am I a 12yr old girl? Likes mean nothing too me, its not likes that make me get out of bed early and give me smiles as I walk into the garage, I was just asking who that was as I im new here :angelic:
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