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Sydney Learner Sessions (Weekly)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by StarEyiden, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. Hey guysss!!

    Anyone here from the Penrith area?
    I would really love to come out one weekend to practice but I've never been there and I don't know the area AT ALL! . I haven't been riding for long so it's quite daunting. Definitely would love to get some tips and help while I can before I get put-off riding all together.

    Also will there be any other girls? I need to be able to hide my face and blend in a crowd if I stuff up throughout the day hahaha.

  2. Im busy this sat coming but if you don't manage to get down there on the weekend I'll be more than happy to ride down next sat (y)
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  3. :woot:(y) Yayy... sounds awesome! Hopefully my work roster doesn't change till then.
  4. Welcome to NR and the Ls sessions too.

    Your post has gotten moved from the sessions thread to the Welcome Lounge ... I've put a linky to here over in the Ls session thread.

    re "before I get put-off riding all together", are you having any particular issues?

    As for girls there are some but not every week. But you definitely dont need to hide. Nobody is judgmental. Everyone has been through the learning process at some time themselves and we've seen just about everything a learner can do anyway so I think you can hold your head up high no matter what (y)

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  5. Thanks Chris:happy:

    My main issue is my turning curve. It's shocking! I'm fine turning left and right at traffic lights but doing a complete turn around roundabouts is horrible. I've had a few falls in empty parking lots trying to practice slow maneuvering. I just need help with controlling at slow speeds I guess.

    Apart from that I'm okay with most things. I think.:joyful:

  6. Star,
    The most common issue with round-abouts is target fixation. That's where as you start into the round-about you look at the curb or somewhere you don't want to go. The trouble with that is that the bike will go where you are looking. You always need to look through any corner, curve or round about ... look where you want to go.

    We can see what you are doing when you come down and give more advice then.

  7. I'll be headed down this weekend from parramatta. Are you familiar with parramatta?