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Sydney Learner Sessions (Weekly, Sat 1pm)

Discussion in 'NSW' started by OzYoda, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. #1 OzYoda, Nov 3, 2008
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    We originally started these sessions on Wednesday 05 Nov 2008. This first post will be updated with links to the latest details and links to useful information.

    eh, What?:
    This is an easy going session that includes slow speed maneuvering (ala MOST), getting used to riding the streets and riding in a group. If you are an inexperienced rider this is meant to help you develop your skills and increase your confidence in a safe manner. However do note that nobody here is an instructor... just some people willing to give suggestions if you wish.

    When? Session is on Saturdays at 1pm. Note we do full day Ls rides occasionally and then the session will not occur that weekend. Check this thread to confirm as any cancellation will be noted here.

    Mid week may also be possible though this is an exception. Ask in the thread if required.

    Where? Meet at Olympic Park, Homebush at the closed off section off Bennelong Rd: Googlemap (note that it states "unknown road" but this is the correct place .. it is not an official road anymore).
    Click Road Closures when there are events on just to be sure ;)

    What? Start with some slow MOST practice .. ~60 mins .. or more if people wish, then if there's interest we may head off for a ride. This does require that we have both a Ride Leader and a TEC (Tail End Charlie) to manage the ride though, or we will not be able to offer a ride. It normally goes out to McGraths Hill Maccas (Windsor Rd) via one of several routes. At McGraths Hill we normally split up and people head off in their own direction but there is usually someone you can team up with heading just about any direction but we wont strand you if you don't know where to go.

    Who? Aimed at learners but anyone wishing to practice slow speed skills is welcome, bikes, scoots or even posties :) or anyone just wanting to hook up with other riders. Please note this includes some riding on busy multi lane roads at speeds up to 90km/hr (including lane changing and merging).

    If it is wet it can still be on if you wish (the MOST is NOT cancelled for wet weather), but if there is a gale warning it just might be off :D . Please consider your own abilities when deciding whether to come .. this is your decision. If the weather is a bit off and no-one expresses any interest in the thread then the session can be cancelled for that week... watch this thread.

    It is expected that all riders will stay within the road rules. Please, stay in the group, no speeding, no stunts, lets keep it simple and safe.

    Feel free to post where you are coming from and see if there is anyone else coming from the same direction you can join up with.

    We are trying to keep improving what we do .. all constructive comments are welcome.

    All participants agree implicitly by their attendance that they do so at their own risk and waive all right to any form of claim against the organizers and assistants who spend their own time assisting people who are learning to ride.

    A video about the MOST (courtesy XscorpioX):

    Professionally run courses for Learners
    These have been changing but we haven't received any info from anyone thats done the new courses so please look the websites below if you want some professional instruction .. (this is just a list of places that run courses) :

    Honda Australia Rider Training (Hart)

    Stay Upright Motorcycle Techniques

    Sydney Bike Training
    A nice gent by the name of Mick Mcloughlin stopped by at Homebush. He is a professional trainer and offers a variety of courses.
    Sydney Bike Training

    If you are on the central coast ..

    Useful links/threads for NSW Learners:
    (please post in this thread of any of these ceases to work and feel free to propose links to be added)

    The MOST
    The RTA site
    Motorcycle Operator Skills Test (MOST)

    A more detailed explaination of the MOST (including videos):

    Summary of Points Loss for the MOST
    We believe the following to be an accurate summary of how you can lose points in the MOST, but always aim for zero points!

    1st time - 1
    2nd time - 2 (3 cumulative)
    3rd time - 2 (5 cumulative)
    4th time - 4 (9 - fail)

    1st time - 3
    2nd time - 2 (5 cumulative)
    3rd time - 4 (9 - fail)

    Left Turn
    Touch line 1st - 3
    Touch line 2nd - 2 (5 cumulative)

    Stop in a Box
    Skid - 3
    Contact patch not inside box - 5

    Foot Down (accumulates for each test section)
    1st time - 1
    2nd time - 2 (3 cumulative)
    3rd time - 2 (5 cumulative)
    4th time - 4 (9 - fail)

    Cone Weave
    Skip or hit cone - 1st: 3
    Skip or hit cone - 2nd: 2 (5 cumulative)

    U Turn
    Touch line - 5

    Quick stop
    2 points per mark past the mark for speed
    Less than 20km/hr - 1st time: get 2nd attempt, no points
    Less than 20km/hr - 2nd time: 9, fail
    Brake too soon - 1st time: get 2nd attempt, no points
    Brake too soon - 2nd time: 9, fail

    Obtacle Turn (Swerve)
    Less than 20km/hr - 1st time: get 2nd attempt, no points
    Less than 20km/hr - 2nd time: 9, fail

    Hit cone - 1st time: get 2nd attempt, no points
    Hit cone - 2nd time: 9, fail

    9 points (fail) are incurred for:
    Touch half tennis ball
    Touch outer line
    Miss marked exit
    Turn in wrong direction

    Us on location.

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  2. Hi Chris, is this going to go ahead if it rains? It may not be wise to have a bunch of learner in the rain. Im in for this weeks session but the forecast for wednesday is late showers..
  3. Hey Chris,

    I'm very keen for these rides and the Learner Sessions. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it this Wednesday as I'm working late.

    If this is a weekely or even fortnightly thing you can count me in.

    BTW are you planning on heading to the putty ride organised for the 15th? I'm going to be doing that if my sister doesn't decide to have her baby that day.

  4. Rooz,

    I've been watching the forecast change by the hour :( . Gottta be positive man, it'll be OK :grin:

    For the learners out there, it is good to note that when you book in for the pre-provisional it will be on even if it rains so getting some experience in light rain is a good idea, but perhaps leave that for after you are confident in the dry :)

    If it pours then we'll call it off (or if its windy as well as rainy - yuk), but if it's just a few sprinkes I intend to be there, though I understand some learners shoudnt risk it.

  5. Zane,

    Yep, intend it to be weekly .. hope to see you there next week then.

    Second yep :grin: , I'll be there on the 15th. I'm in Cherrybrook so if you (or anyone else) wants to meet up on the way, let me know!

    Cheers, Chris
  6. I'm definitely keen on attending this event.. can't make it for a couple of weeks due to university exams but after that i'll try and make it any week I can.

    I'm in epping so OzYoda if you pass through there (or if anyone else passes through or lives around the area for that matter) let me know and i'll meet up on the weeks I attend
  7. Skar,

    good luck with the xams. Let us know when you're finished .. we can arrange to meet up around Carlingford somewhere.


  8. Hey thanks a lot, yeah that definitely sounds like a plan. I'll pm on the weeks I attend to see if your still going (i'll be fairly inconsistent with the weeks due to work). Anyone else wanting to meet up at carlingford? It'd be good to have a little crew to head back with with after the sessions
  9. Heyas,

    Count me in. I'm on me L's, due for P's soonish. I live in baulkham hills and dont mind meeting up with you guys at carlingford, let me know the time and where abouts.

    BTW, ty you OzYoda for setting this up, know it takes time and patience for us noobs :p

    Ride safe, J
  10. vn250chaos & skar,

    There is a small carpark on Lloyds Ave. If you're coming at it from the south/west you just ride into the little lane straight after the railway line and into the carpark, if you're coming from the north/east you can turn at the traffic lights at Coleman st (there's a right turn lane making it easy) and go around to the left on Lloyds to enter the carpark.

    Googlemap of Carlingford Meetpoint

    Time: I aim to leave Carlingford at 6:20pm.

  11. That sounds great, can't wait for exams to be over and get some practice in haha
  12. Weather forecast for Wednesday: Increasing Sunshine...


    Any suggestions of where everyone would like to ride to tomorrow night after MOST practice? Or would you like to jst ride around Olympic Park?
  13. I reckon I should make this...
  14. I'd love to do this. How exactly do I get there?
  15. where are u coming from??
  16. Np Yoda, i should b there about 6pm
  17. Hey skar I live in Epping and I'm also keen to go to this event.

    I saw the forecast might not be good though so depending on what the weather is like I might not attend this week.
  18. defnk, great. Seeya tomorrow then.

    G3ORG3Y, yep, the forecast has been changing for the last coupla days .. I reckon we're just gonna have to look out the window tomorrow instead :LOL: If you want, meet us in Carlingford.
  19. Damn google maps is handy. Didn't know the street till I saw it at street view level then I recognised it from driving past it all the time.

    Alright well if the weather seems ok I'll meet up at Carlingford.
  20. G3ORG3Y on the weeks I attend (starting in a couple of weeks) i'll pm you to meet at epping mobil and then we can head down to meet OzYoda in carlingford