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Sydney Learner Sessions (Homebush) XMAS Party BBQ - 18th Dec

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. Righto peeps...

    To the past and present people that have attended the Sydney Learner Sessions @ Homebush, this is for you

    What - Sydney Learners Xmas party BBQ

    When - 18th December, 12:30pm

    Where - Either at the Homebush picnic grounds or Lake Parramatta Reserve (will decide on the day)

    Food - Sausage sizzle and icy cold drinks provided

    The learner session at Homebush will still go ahead on the day from 11am till Midday, then ride over to the BBQ

    I will need a regular to put their hand up to give me a hand on the day, I'm caging it as i need to carry all the stuff, up to you how you want to get there (can also leave bike at my house and cage it with me)

    If your are either a muslim or vegetarian, you will have to bring your own food as sausages will be cooked up on the day, sorry if this offends you, but it just makes it to complicated on the day, but at least i have warned you before hand

    This will finish the year for the learner sessions, ready to start fresh in the new year

    Please add below that you are coming so i have an idea on numbers

    Thanks guys, lets make this a great get together :)

  2. Sounds good mate I'm in. I can give you a hand on the day but I'll meet you there westy :)
  3. cool, thanks Pete
  4. il come along i can also help out if you need it
    how about a gold coin donation so you dont have to cover the cost of it all goz
  5. Yup Goz I can give you a hand if you need, when do you plan to go shopping for the snags?

    Cheers Paul.
  6. Same , will be there.
    Can help out if needed as well.

    And yeah I'll chuck some money in to help cover costs.
  7. I bet Goz and Mav will be out chasing ducks all morning, duck flavoured sausages anyone?

    Ill try be there. Its only fair to Goz and the other organisers to contribute a few gold coins.
  8. Thanks for the offer guys, if the numbers are not to large, then I'll pick up the tab :)
  9. me and the missus are in

    we will throw in some coin for chevapi...or we can bring it if you like
  10. I'm in and also willing to drive the car to ferry items.

    Gold coins will be brought for donations. Goz is just trying to avoid going home 20kg heavier I bet.
  11. See, you and I are smart, shorts thongs and singlet :)
  12. *ahem* I was smart. Now you're just copying me ;)
  13. Instead of donating coins as Goz doesn't seem to want to take it :) How about each person bring something ie. salad, drinks etc. That way the cost is spread evenly. Goz can bring meat, another bread rolls, another BBQ sauce, another tomato sauce, another a few loaf of bread etc ;) Just an idea.

  14. everyone else will be on bikes so makes it a bit hard to carry the stuff :)

    i'll get it all, makes it easier

  15. my Money box would be cheering, keep feeding the bastard and its always empty

  16. ill go to woodcroft on my way home from work on the Friday, best snags in OZ

    Chilli snags
    Garlic snags
    Tomato/onion snags
    Jack Daniels snag and more... yum yum
  17. JD snags eh? None for the L & P Platers! ;)

    I'm going to be AWOL for a bucks weekend all this weekend so I will catch you all Saturday week!

  18. Should be able to make the practice session and may be able to stop in at the BBQ for a while depeding on how long it takes to get there :)

    Fun Ha!
  19. Thats actually my local too Goz and yes they do have very good snags. Another place is Rooty Hill, they sell really spicy halal sausages.
  20. hmmmm not many people want to go eh