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Sydney Learner Riders Session - Help needed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ohmigosh, May 9, 2015.

  1. https://netrider.net.au/threads/sydney-learner-sessions-weekly.97506/

    Hi guys

    For the past few weeks we've had only two guys with full licenses available to help at the session. And today, one of those had to leave early because of other commitments.

    On top of that we've also had a large influx of new riders looking to practice for their MOST. The last two times we have had over 25 L-plated riders looking for help.

    And on top of that we've had almost no P-platers there who can help with resetting tennis balls or cones.

    So - This is a call out to the Sydney Netrider community. Come and help. It's good fun. You'll get to meet some good people and also help new riders get their skills up to scratch making them safer on the road.

    It is very rewarding.

    Hope to see you there.

    (Details in the link above)

    -- Pete
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  2. It's difficult for many to commit to regular Saturday's there, and many who get there P's who have utilised the sessions while on their L's don't come back and lend a hand because they have got what they wanted and needed from them and they are off enjoying their own rides.
    I've offered to run noob rides for those who want some road practice out of the traffic but there has been very little interest.
    Chris and the others deserve all the help they can get given they have forfeited their time almost every week for years to help others.
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  3. I hope you get some help because I am a new rider on my L's in Melbourne and I am ever so grateful to the guys who take the Elwood Saturday sessions and are so generous of their time and experience. I will absolutely be paying it forward when I am good enough :) You guys that organise these practice sessions for those of us in need are simply awesome!
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  4. Pete

    I take my hat of to you and Chris who mostly make the time to attend.

    I can commit to helping out again next weekend. I travel during the week so sometimes have too much to do in only a Saturday to make it.
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  5. I helped out on the course a few times after I got my P's. Happy to lend a hand again if needed.
    Just sometimes I leave uni assignments to the last minute & cram everything on the weekend haha!
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  6. I turned up today to help out, then realised I had lost my phone :I retrieved it thanks to find my iPhone
  7. I am not that experienced -only a P plater but very happy to come out and help most Saturdays and be TEC or whatever on the group rider later.
    Can let you know via PM which Sat I can help out OhmigoshOhmigosh
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  8. Any Saturday Olds :D

    I'm not wanting a roster or anything. Just some riders who feel like helping out some newbies.
  9. Hi Ohmigosh.

    Since my wife hasn't told me what I am doing on Saturdays yet, I can make no rash promises, but..... for the next five or six weeks, I'll make every effort to be there.....

    After that, being in Greece is probably an acceptable excuse.
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  10. Good luck to you guys, it would be tragic to see this resource for new riders disappear. It is undoubtedly an undertaking to the people who come every week to support new riders. Their ongoing commitment should be celebrated and admired. (y)
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  11. Sometimes you just have to keep the wife happy... even if it means being in Greece for one tenth of the year. Happy wife, happy life (y)
  12. One does try to keep the boss happy.

    But, to be perfectly honest, approaching Ozzie winter, Greek summer is quite appealing.... and it's nearer a quarter of the year. :)
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    Have been a bit caught up over the past few months. Been meaning to get out there and pay back some karma that no doubt helped me immensely. Will def try and get out there and help over the next few weeks before I head Northern hemisphere for a few months.

    Also, I will be heading over from Monterey - so any noobs who want to ride with someone from St George, Hurstville, Brighton area - just let me know!

    See you all soon then.
  14. I'd love to attend one of these sessions but unfortunately it's too far for me :(
    Does anyone know if there are any locations on the Central Coast that has the course marked out? I've heard there's meant to be one at Bateau Bay and Terrigal but couldn't find it.
  15. Hi HM

    Details on the individual elements can be found on this page --> http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/licence/rider/motorcycle-operator-skill-test.html

    Get a tape measure, some chalk, half tennis balls (6) and some sports cones (9) like these -->
    And find a quiet parking lot in an industrial estate and set up the test yourself. Better yet, grab a few learner rider mates and all go together.

    Also - Post in this forum thread and see if anyone on the Central Coast can come and help you out --> https://netrider.net.au/threads/mentors-tutors-to-help-newer-riders.63859/page-60#post-2853774

    Finally - Its about an hour and a half ride from Terrigal to Homebush (traffic depending). Makes for a good day's ride if you do want to come along.

  16. I used to practice on the top level of the public car park at Terrigal. I marked out the course with chalk but that was 5 years ago. The key is practice practice practice. Give us a yell if you get stuck and can't progress with any of the elements - its been a while since I did it, but can probably remember a lot of the tips that were passed on to me, mostly from this site.
  17. Another place for central coast would be up at Kariong...can find plenty of quiet spots in there...and pretty quiet roads as well. Just watch for ducks! Lol!
    and the added benefit of some very gentle sweepers on the way up and down...plus if you get a rush of confidence the old pac awaits...just a thought.
  18. Had a good turnout today. Lots of Ls, some P's and full license riders.

    Thankyou Netrider
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  19. Some shots from today's session. Good turnout & variety of bikes.
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  20. 20150516_133550%20800x450_zpsc3yldnkw.
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