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Sydney L Plater Saying Hello!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by InvalidUser, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. Hi All,
    Just thought I'd make my first post and introduce myself; literally just joined NetRider 10 minutes ago.
    Had about 6-12 months riding experience some years back now but never got off my L Plates (I can be a bit lazy).
    Licence expired and got too busy to ride so I sold my bikes (Kawasaki ZZR250 2007-8 I forget and a CBR250R 1988 from Memory).
    Just decided to get back into riding about 2-3 weeks ago.
    Booked and passed my Pre-learners on Mon/Tues, Got my L Plates on Weds and just bought a YZF-R125 today.
    Just in the process of getting my ride insured and haven't had luck with online quotes from - QBE, NRMA, InsureMyRide, Shannons or Youi. Not sure if there are any other companies but I've tried them all and it looks like because I'm a night owl (I do night shifts) all the online quotes are unavailable or they leave a message that they'll contact me.
    Just wondering if anyone knows how these insurers fair and if anyone has any recommendations?
    Looks like i'll give em a call on Monday when I get up a bit earlier and I won't be riding till then =[.
    Guess my MOST test is going to have to wait a bit longer also.
    PS - might try talk my mate into joining this forum as his just gotten his L's also and his after either a Monster 400 or VTR250.

  2. Hi @InvalidUser@InvalidUser

    I don't know if that helps and I'm no expert in this area but I recently insured my GS500 with QBE for $400 (Comprehensive). Similar insurance via online quote with NRMA was around $600.
    And I think that QBE is the only one ( at least from what I've seen) that has the option of either comprehensive or third party and theft insurance whereas others I've checked were either comprehensive or third party.

    Good on ya for getting back in action! Just don't wait too long to go for your P's.

    Ride Safe!
  3. Thanks, I've actually had some problems trying to start the thing the past few days so didn't any road time. Still shopping around for insurance also, just got a quote with InsureMyRide. Thanks! =]
  4. Hi InvalidUser!
    Welcome and good on you for getting back into riding again! Did the same thing this year and its been great, even got my P's now so there's no going back :) If you've had your L's before you don't have to wait before going for your MOST.
    I went with InsureMyRide based on price but thankfully haven't needed them so can't report on what they're like when you try and claim...
  5. Hi,
    I also just went with them, I got a quote from Youi yesterday and the was for $2890! Which is worth more than the value of my bike! lol
  6. welcome aboard :]
  7. Ok, so it's been about 10 days since I've brought her home and I've finally gotten out on a proper cruise around my local area.
    She's been sitting around not doing many kms because of a few problems and being a bit busy but boy did it feel good to get back out there.. even if it was just a few laps around the suburb.
    As I work nights and today was my first day off in a while AND she seems to only start when the suns gone down, I finally got a few kms under her belt (about 50).
    I started with a quick squirt around the surrounding streets just to familiarize myself with her again. Then I popped by the local servo to top her up (a whopping $11! god I love bikes...) and check my tyre pressures.. which were actually spot on considering I hadn't touched em at all since I got her... should I be concerned?
    After the pit stop I ventured down to the local industrial estate to practice my slow speed stuff and found myself thinking I definitely need more practice. So I forced myself to spend probably 30 minutes doing figure 8s and U-turns as tight as I could.
    Getting some good turns in, starting to feel bored and seeing it had already been about an hour since I was out I decided to go for a ride around the local shops.
    I rode for a while until I realized it was already pretty late I decided it was probably about time to head back, but found I was egging myself on... just a little longer.. just a little more... This route would be part of your commute, you should follow through, why don't you go that way, you can practice some right hand turns.
    After a little bit I was really starting to enjoy the cornering and felt myself pushing to go faster (not sure if this is a good thing but it was definitely fun).
    Eventually I headed back, but not before stalling it in a very dark secluded area quite a distance from home and fearing she wouldn't start...
    I did make it home and overall quite a nice night out in a long time and a little proud of myself for making the time! =D
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  8. Got another ride in tonight with a mate out to the Homebush learner's area.
    Good fun ride there and back but found when we go there we we're fighting a mass of mozzies so decided to leave.
    Noticed the U-turn box was marked and only managed to scrape through one U-turn before we left.
    One thing I've noticed is, I don't know whether I'm doing something wrong but my left hand (especially my thumb) becomes rather sore from clutching. Once I'm off and no longer riding however there's virtually no pain at all.
    Starting to wonder whether my posture is correct... any pointers?
    I also notice my right fore arm becomes a little sore and tired but usually goes away when I notice and start to relax... guessing this might also be the reason my left hand hurts.
  9. I think you got it. When you're nervous about what you're doing you tend to tighten up, so every joint in your hand (and probably all the way up to your elbo) is tense. Apart from fatigue, this would also tend to make your control inputs jerky which leads to jerky bike movement which just makes you more tense etc etc ...

    Try to relax (easier said than done, I know). Focus on where you want to go rather than what the front wheel is doing.

    Posture can help, too. Try sitting upright and holding onto the bike with your legs and core, this would take some weight off your hands and wrists. It sounds silly, but you should be able to flap your elbows like a chicken. That's how relaxed your arm joints should be.
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  10. Well done and welcome- I reckon you should keep trying for small rides often rather than long ones occasionally - just a personal observation...
    I still do the tensing thing after three months of riding even though I really feel very relaxed- I get cramped across the palms of my clutch hand- even went and bought new gloves because I thought they must be too small- na- tense clutch hand. I find flexing from time to time relaxes my hand after a while.
    The self-egging- on ( is that even english?) I know that feeling too well- leads to battles on the homefront let me tell you:meh:- a bit further, a few more corners, nice bike mmmm I may follow that one for a better look, a bit faster etc.

    I've decided biking is like a drug but a very beneficial one- should get a PBS listing- during a ride I feel super relaxed, get a lot of pleasure plus pretty chuffed with myself from actually be able to do this and find it really peaceful (generally even in the traffic) and better still I find that all that good karma stays for a while after I get back to the battle zone at home...
    I left it a such a long time to get myself hooked on riding!!! I know who will lose the battle on that one- it ain't me and my little mean green machine!
    See you at Homebush for a MOST session on a saturday arvo.:troll:
  11. Welcome to NR invalid... I tried a few different insurers and insure my ride gave me the best quote.
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