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Sydney Kook

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by sundaytripz, May 21, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    Name Andy. I've been riding moto x since I was a young young child and am finally making the swap to road bikes. Pre-learners has been passed and L's have been aqquired. Just waiting for the appropriate funds and I hope to purcase myself a VTR250.

    Any had this as a first bike? Pro's? Con's? I've done alot of research and asked a few mates and almost everything seems to be a positive review. Would love to get an opinion of a more experiance rider.

  2. Welcome in Andy :)

    No idea about them except that I know that they're good and pretty solid.
  3. Welcome along.

    They're a pretty good learner bike, but I'm tipping you'll find it a bit dull after a MX bike. How about a motad type thing? That'll feel instantly familiar, and should be heaps of fun. You don't have to learn to ride, you just have to learn to deal with the cages, and the fines and the demerit points... See, a VTR is a good little bike, but if you've raced MX you're likely to find it as exciting as a re-run of Giligan's Island.
  4. Hi Andy and welcome aboard mate :)
    Not a previous owner of the popular VTR250 but on many others' accounts here on Netrider, you'll soon (if not already) discover the solid and reliable nature of this bike.
    There are many other available LAMS options for you - check it out mate, unless of course you're already sold on the VTR.
    Good luck in your search and happy bike hunting.
  5. Hi Andy...,welcome mate to NR=D> great choice on the VTR 250 if you decided to go ahead. I have heard nothing but excellent learner bike, even though there are many choices available for you to choose from...

    Good Luck on you bike and ride safe...

    cheer Cam...
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I've pretty much made up my mind on the VTR 250. I've been looking at Enduro/Motard type bikes and at the end of the day I just love the look of naked bikes.
  7. :( you would love a motard so much.... i know that coming from mx to road bikes, riding a motard helped that much.

    the vtr is a nice enough bike, but very tame when you twist your wrist around.