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Sydney-ites, you may have noticed this

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ktulu, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. Why is everyone cutting corners all of a sudden???

    2 lane road - turns a corner - ****ing retard floats across into my lane.
    This has happened an average of 2 times per trip I've done in truck OR bike for the last 3 weeks.

    Is everyone over the whole 'saving fuel thing' and wants to reduce wear on their tyres now instead with a lazier line through the bends???

    I don't mind so much when I'm on the bike, as I just pull in tighter/out wider and get the hell out of there.
    But when I'm in the truck, their lane discipline behaviour is not conducive to their survival.

    It was very satisfying last night to have borrowed a friend's Evo, so that when Mr Gold Camry couldn't decide which lane to be in, I could give him a blast with the horn and then drive past at a speed that suitably conveys my displeasure.

    Fact: 93% of the people on our roads are the reason why I'm not allowed an automatic weapon.
  2. Pet Hate!!!!!!!!!!

    NSW Road Regulations clearly state that you must enter the second road into the same lane in which you left the first road. Does ANYONE do it??? NO!!!!!!!!!

    I have a six lane road (three in each direction) just near home. People pull out of the left lane of the road leaving the supermarket and wander straight over to the centre lane. Well, they want to go right at the next intersection, don't they?! SO WHAT???? It is illegal to leave one road in the left lane and end up in the centre lane of the road you're entering.....
  3. Only drift one lane when they turn the corner... they are good.
    I love when i am in the left of two lanes turning right into a 3 lane road, and sudenly I have the turkey in the right lane entering my middle lane... so i quick indicate headcheck and pop to the left lane. oops here he comes still drifting across like the whole F#$king world belongs to him.
  4. There was a trend there for a while where people would pull into a stream of taffic counting on you to hit the brakes to miss them.

    Thankfully this has died down a bit.

    Lately I've noticed people cutting corners turning right. To the point where I've started sitting well back at t-intersections when turning right.
  5. Yeah, I've had to start enforcing my 3 second rule religiously lately, you never know what those useless bums are going to do...
  6. YEAH. Particully in the Bankstown region. For some reason people run the lights 3 seconds after red in that area.

    Saw a guy on a Fireblade almost get taken out a few weeks back, near carnarvon golf course, when he was a bit quick off the lights and a truck come through.
  7. One thing that pisses me off about the 3 second rule (where you stay 3 seconds behind the guy in front for those that don't know) is that it's just enough room for another impatient wally to think he can pull in in front of you. Then you have to back off a bit more to create another 3 second gap.

    But realistically, I'd rather take a few extra minutes getting where I'm going than not get there at all...
  8. Gee, it happens here in victoria all the time. No matter what vehicle you happen to be in. It's when they do it on the straight that gets me worried. I notice alot of people are very lazy with their driving skills of late.

    Pick a lane and drive within it you nobs!!! :evil:
  9. I noticed some rude driver who did this yesterday. The left lane had a parked car. Everyone in the left lane was merging to the right lane except for this motorist who decided that scooting down the left and forcing their way in was the way to go. The thing which annoyed me was that I passed this person on the left earlier on as they think that 60km/h means 50km/h on a clear dry road. They darted in front of me for no apparent reason. The person they seemingly were going to overtake ended up pulling away. Unfortunately, they have the right to be on the road.

    Ktulu, what accessamory do you have to deal with this? :LOL:
  10. So Pete, we gunna start an ALF thread :rofl:???
  11. Looks good huh??

  12. Whilst on the topic of bad driving.

    The current thing I have noticed here in Queensland, is, when turning say right into another street, the cager will first go left, to make the corner wider, most of the time crossing into, or very close to the lane where the flowing traffic is. Left hand turns are worse (as they are normally sharper).

    I am starting to feel that I agree with Ktulu's little statement up there :grin:
  13. One thing I have noticed since returning to Sydney is that the 'art' of performing a hill start without rolling a metre backwards seems to have been lost...
  14. The 3 second rule (should be 5 for bikes) is a great rule for single lane roads, but I have found the exact thing you describe on laned metro roads and just back off as well.
    No point in waging a losing battle!!

    With ALL my traffic riding I always keep my 3 rules going and it seems to work.

    My major rule is NEVER RIDE BESIDE ANOTHER "CAR".

    so when they all do decide to drift wide and into my path, I am not there!!
    I just pat myself on the back for great positioning!!!!!

    my other 2 rule are : pass fast and ride as if your invisible!!

    Seems to work for me in Sydney's maniac style traffic :LOL:
  15. yes everyone seems to drive like fken taxi drivers!
    I hate taxi drivers :mad:
    they don't understand that they need to drive in one lane, so they take two.
    they can't stay in their own lane when the road curves.

    as for the turning...they must be practicing the scandinavian flick or something
  16. I have noticed that driver skills have taken a dive lately and aggression has gone up 100 notches...the "silly season" alright :twisted:
  17. Mmmmm summer is upon us.

    I am totally making a concious effort to stay far away from cars that I know don't have air conditioning.

    If you are sweating in your jacket like crazy AND you can see someone's arm out the window of their car: that cager is dangerous.
  18. Pfft! Sydney was like that 20 years ago, why do you think I left?

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. Fact: Its only illegal if you get caught :wink:
  20. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: