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Sydney HWP, WTF are you doing?????

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by 99CIBBER, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Arghh!,

    Heading in to the Sydney CBD this morning for work I decided to take Victoria Rd instead of my usual route over the Harbour Bridge. Cruising over the Anzac bridge i spot a white HWP car. Pull into the right lane behind him and we both peel off down the Bus lane slip road on the Right hand side after the bridge. Aproximately another 200m down the road (single lane, with a solid cement lane divider) he slows down to a stop. No indicator, no lights, no farking anything! WTF?? I slow down and think shit, we're stopped in the bus lane with no escape route, high barrier on the left and the lane divider on the right. DO I filter past him on the drivers side, do I wait and see WTF he's on about?? I'm thinking if a bus suddenly came up behind us I'm potentially screwed as it's on a down hill slope and he wouldn't be expecting a cop car and bike to be stopped in the BUS ****ing lane!! I decide to roll past slowly giving him an ermmm WTF look... I just don't see the reason he just stopped there. No indication, pontential for an accident, no clue...
    Should I report the incident???


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  2. You could report it but we both know what the outcome will be...
  3. your cop car looks funny :)

    GoPro would have helped your case, without any proof then good luck getting an outcome, theyll probably brush it off as just another annoyance.
  4. Yeah, wierd. But, those guys have got radios chirping and computers spitting information at them all the time, he might not have known you were there.

    Roll on.
  5. hwp are a special breed of cops.....

    someone told me that even the other cops don't like them....... :LOL:
  6. if its such a distraction to their driving then I suggest they start fining each other. This should boost up their fine tally.
  7. I thought that was a bus only lane not bus lane?
  8. It's a bus lane, magnificently placed at that. Crack the bend at a ton then onwards free of traffic.

    Maybe he was just waiting for you to filter so he can send a fine in the mail ;)
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    To be honest I don't think he new I was there until I rolled past his window. I was tempted to give him a cheeky toot. The bus lane does turn into a bus only lane further up. Here's a question. If you can see it's a bus lane across the intersection but has a no entry sign but with busses accepted as well, can bikes proceed through the no entry sign?
  10. Your only option at that intersection is to turn right onto sussex. Enjoy waiting for the arrow to turn green, not to mention angry bus drivers behind you.

    Oh I guess you could just get off and then wheel it into the MC parking to the left. I've found that running the red works best. :/
  11. #11 Vertical C, Jul 8, 2011
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    No, you can't disobey a no entry unless you are exempted.

    If you are going south on George at town hall intersection there is a no left hand turn sign with buses, taxi excepted but not motorbikes. This is because of the bus lane going down park st. I have heard of people getting booked for ignoring it.

    I may or may not still do it as I am not going to admit to breaking the law on a open forum.
  12. Having witnessed this on multiple occasions, you are correct.
  13. You are all wrong!

    Obviously hes' new and took the wrong turn off to get the squad their morning doughnuts. He was waiting for you to pass/ send you a fine for filtering, then was going to reverse to the correct turn off.

    So simple really......
  14. This is perfectly normal behavior for these bottom feeders. My opinion is that they are trying to disrupt the traffic to cause some action. The unmarked ones I have no doubt of that, they try to spark road rage by driving like c*nts then throw the book at you.

    Once I was on my motorbike late at night and there was a hwp sitting at the end of a side street as if he was waiting to turn out onto the main road. I pull up on the bike behind him waiting to turn. I new what he was up to straight away. Sitting there waiting for a speeder or street racers to blast past. After 2-3 mins he was still there, the prick new damn well I was there. What can I do? Had to walk the bike back do a u turn and find another way out.

    I saw one in nth Sydney stop in the middle of the road to radar today, they want to maximizes their time in peak revenue positions.
  15. I've seen one parked on the medium strip in the middle of Mona Vale Rd at Ingleside with his photo identification gear roiling a few times this year (to catch unregistered cars).
  16. Saw one cuppla weeks ago, parked in a right-turn lane on the Princes Highway with the 'dryer out the window. Thought that was a bit.... um....
  17. It's not fun when they are facing the traffic head on and pull out infront of you to chase someone. Emergency brake anyone? The concept of waiting till it's safe to perform and illegal maneuver is not an option.

    On the Hume near goulbourn they are the worst they actually park on the right hand side runoff facing head on inches from the cars in the right lane. I had one last year actually parked with 1ft overhanging the right hand lane doing 45 degree laser up the right lane (so the fat prick didn't have to get out of the car). I actually had to move to the middle lane to get passed. This was at like 5am so no one on the road.
  18. At 5am, why weren't you in the middle lane anyway? We biatch and moan on here about cages hogging the right lane, guess it's only fair for us to Keep Left!!!

  19. Lol! So the pig was in the right? If I was in the right lane there would have been a reason for it and who said I wasn't caging?
  20. You are aware that the keep left unless overtaking rule only applies to the right most lane.