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Sydney - Help a newb check out a bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mewnz, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. If these kinds of queries are not allowed / it's in the wrong section, I apologise and will happily have it deleted / moved.

    Have been doing my research and keeping my eyes open for my first bike, and am now at the stage where I'd like to have one parked outside :grin: Only problem being I am not very mechanically minded! (Ask me to go buy some headlight fluid and I'd prob be at Bunnings before I realised...) So I was wondering if there was anybody around the Sydney area willing to give the bike a once over? Maybe a test ride? (Haven't got my L's yet but don't want to let a good bike at a good price pass me by) I would prefer to be there so I could learn what to look for etc but would be happy to just know I'm not planning to hand over money for a lemon :p

  2. what part of sydney?
  3. Just bought my first bike a couple of weeks ago. I know how you feel! So I didn't get taken for a ride (pun) I got a pre-purchase inspection done.

    The guy/company I used... I can't say enough good things about them (not affiliated to them), very patient and professional. He had all the time to explain everything to me. They don't only inspect the bike mechanically but also give you recommendations on what price the bike is worth, other suitable bikes and do checks for stolen bike/bits. He picked up things then recommended that it is OK to buy but do this or that to make it a better bike. In my case, get a full service because the bike didn't have a service history.

    They are called Motorcycle Inspection Service and the guy I spoke to was Paul. They are a Sydney based company... check out their website (Google it) for details and their prices.
  4. Post code is 2000, so around the actual city area... I've had a chat with the seller but that was mainly to confirm that it's still for sale and that I'd be hitting him up sometime to check it out.

    Will check out that company site, thanks mate!

    Edit - 150 - 200 for the business to check it out... seems a bit expensive (maybe I'm just cheap haha) but if it ends up being my only option then at least I'll have piece of mind :)
  5. That's what I thought too!!

    Then that's what I thought too haha!!

    I felt heaps better buying it after the inspection, good luck with it anyway.
  6. Hey mate.

    I'm in the city 5 days a week so could come help inspect the bike. That said I'm no mechanic, only been riding for about a year and a half, but I do know basic stuff and 1 set of semi trained eyes (without 'I must have a bike today' syndrome as we all do when bike hunting for the first time) is better than none.

    First step would be to get someone to help inspect for normal stuff like consumables, condition in general, quality of ride, record of servicing, etc. If that all comes back good then the next step is either just to buy it or the smarter option which is to take it to a mechanic (eg. test ride it and as part of test ride go to mechanic and give them $50 for half an hour inspection - whilst you wait of course) to get analysis.

    You're welcome to PM me if you want to arrange me to come help you check something out.
  7. im happy to check it out for you mate. what model bike is it?
  8. It's a 98 yamaha zeal :)
  9. dont know a thing about that bike in particular, still send us the details through PM and we can sort something out, im in town over the weekend.
  10. Sorry to everyone who offered to help, got called in to help family move and then work called in so I havn't really been around.

    Have decided to save up some extra dollars for a VTR, but thanks heaps for all the offers of help :grin: