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Sydney helmet shops?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mr Messy, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. Hey guys.
    Am looking to get a decent helmet at last - shoei, arai, nolan... whatever fits my noggin comfortably and gives reasonable noise levels etc...

    I checked out this thread:
    But im just curious if anyone can recommend (more specifically then the above link referring to gear in general) a helmet retailer in sydney with a good range i can try on for my odd head?
    None ive seen up here in Newcastle have that much of a range really...

    Ta! ;).

  2. The Helmet Warehouse sweetie, your certain to find something to fit your pretty little head......

  3. Seconded,great range and prices
  4. thehelmetwarehouse has the best prices but I would suggest going to MCA for the biggest range - find something you like at MCA and then see if they stock it at thehelmetwarehouse ;)
  5. Big :p.

    Thanks guys, ill trundle on down in the next couple weeks if i can get a business day off.
  6. Been checking out their ranges online vs webbikeworld's reviews...
    Any personal recommendations for low noise helmets?

    (dont be afraid of the expensive stuff, want a good helmet and in this instance money is no object...)

  7. dont think he comes here anymore :)
  8. What happened?
  9. Yeah im not really sure i want to wear a helmet with that design :p plain ole black for me.
    Cant decide between matt and gloss though. Probably matt will win out...

    Coveniently work sent me to sydney last night, so i lingered on the return trip today to check out MCAS.
    Found my new helmet (but havent bought it yet, going to make it a christmas present to myself :p).....

    Arai RX-Q 2010 wins.
    Unfortunately thehelmetwarehouse doesnt carry Arai for some reason... and the standard retail price is $700.
    Going to get a second clear and a light tinted visor too ($90 a pop i think).
    Budget was kinda non existant but glad itll come out under $1k ;).

    The Shoei XR1100 2011 was close... but was just a little wide at the temples, and the next size down was a little close at the jaw.
  10. I think MCAS has the biggest range of almost anything in Sydney. They also have a big "on sale" section upstairs with a big selection of gear that's all on sale. Helmet warehouse is usually cheaper on RRP items and some items go on sale earlier than other places so sometimes you can grab a nice discount on other gear.
  11. Ive just been reading up on how many different shapes and cheek pad thicknesses, etc etc Arai actually make to get the right fit.
    Today i didnt go through any sort of fitting process to get the right shape and shell size then adjust to my face... does anyone know if MCAS does a full proper fitting? I didnt think to ask... Or just walk in and pray?
  12. Its a lottery,my long term technec failed last time.I always get the snugest fit I can bear and they loosen up a bit after a couple of weeks,not last time.I get presure from the fibreglass on my ears and now after putting up with it for a couple of years its time to bite the bullet and go again.So take your time and wear it in the shop for a stupid amount of time to make sure.
  13. Few people chucked a hissy over a certain thread, happens from time to time :)