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Sydney has weird road surfaces please explain Joel!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by smee, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. This is a very soft road surface!

    http://snurl.com/3klqp [maps_google_com_au]
  2. hey what are you talking about? i cant see anything.. the road surface looks fine...
  3. :LOL:

    The bike in the pic is half in the road surface lol makes it look like he is stuck half way up the fairing in it :shock:
  4. definite evidence of paranormal activity. There's even a ghost sitting it the window of the shop.
  5. It's a secret time warp! Part of his front tyre and forks have been projected half a second into the future if you look carefully... Might visit this secret location and try throwing tennis balls into it...
  6. heavy ground fog

    you have them in Melbourne, don't you?? :LOL:
  7. There's a reason it's called spit road! :p

    (and by the way, I don't think even his mother could explain Joel... :p :LOL: )
  8. Because it wouldn't swallow??
  9. well, it's definitely Asphalt!
  10. You found the only quick-sand in Sydney.