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Sydney Harbour Death Tunnel

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by jhammy, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. This happened to me last night so I thought i'd share it with you all seems as it made me lol.

    I was booking into an Airport parking place as i'm currently away in Adelaide with work. (work are paying and the parking company stores my gear which is really helpful).

    So as I was asking if the guy would cater for motorcycles and could I store my gear, the guy asked if I needed directions. I said I can look up the address on Google maps but he insisted on tell me anyway. So he's telling me how to get there from Manly and says "make sure you take the harbour bridge as you would suffocate in the harbour tunnel on a motorbike...".

    I actually found it hard to finish the conversation after that.

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  2. I'd rather stay out of tunnels meself on a bike. In a car at least you can have the windows up and the air on recirc so you don't have to breathe in all the shite.

    You know the harbour tunnel leaks when it rains, don't you...
  3. Yea but this guy actually thought I was gonna die if I went down there on a bike.
  4. I don't know about the Harbour Tunnel but it's been a matter of record since its design stage that the M5 tunnel is a pollution trap and a definite hazard to the health of people who use it. It's the only place I know of in these clean-air days where you can see what you breathe!
  5. You'd best fill a Camelback with air and breathe off that.
  6. Might take my scuba gear along with me!


  7. The Tunnel is not that bad at all compared to the M5 tunnel and you wont spend that long it anyway.
    The bridge will give you a faster run anyway during peak hour as it has the bus lane that bikes are allowed in.
    So from Manly over the spit bridge> spit road> military rd( becomes a transit lane( hope that has not changed) on to the freeway take bridge Cahil exit > bus lane> then you have the Eastern Tunnel all points south to airport.
  8. yea but at 4am I wasn't going to have any trouble either way to be honest.
  9. Classic.

    Also anyone who thinks he re beteroff in a car in such situations is deluding themselves.

    I always prefer a tunnel (unless there is a no-toll alternative). While there are always speed cameras to watch for, you can still knock her into neutral and rev the living crap out of her and hear that beautiful reverb. :D
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  10. That is the undisputed best reason to ride through any tunnel. You've just convinced me to go back via the tunnel on my way home tomorrow night!
  11. Being in Melbourne, when it's cold and damp I love riding through the tunnels, the fumes keep them nice and warm.