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Sydney Harbour Bridge toll Help me out! :S

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Astara, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone!!

    I have recently begun working at the Australian Museum for a temporary position in Sydney and am commuting from Terrigal Beach to the city everyday for the next 3 weeks, and yestetrday while stuck in the traffic snarl heading southbound onto the bridge I noticed that on my left almost every motorcyclist was driving through the E-toll and bus lane toll and many were getting flashed :eek: .

    Is there a reason why most motocyclists avoid the tolls? Is it free for us or is there some hidden trick im yet to pick up on? ^^ Any info would be massively appreciated!!! Im definately feeling like the odd one out sticking to the coin lanes and fumbling in my purse for loose change!

    Ooh and if you see a sexy red Vespa GTS 250 wizzing around from the Central Coast to the city aong the freeway wave hello! :p

  2. Hey.

    Most of the motorcyclists you see going through the e-toll lane do that because they have an e-tag and have registered the plate number of the bike on the tag. So the pictures is taken but then the toll people compare the rego with the database and deduct the money from the e-tag.

    Also there is another scheme to go across the bridge and is the harbour bridge and tunnel periodic pass. You can get this one at some rta offices. For aprox $90 a quarter you get a sticker that entitles you to use the bridge and harbour tunnel as many times as you want/can for that quarter. The difference with this one is that you need to go through one of the chnge given lanes but instead of paying you just show your sticker to the opertor and they open the barriers for you. I use this one.

    In several ocassions I rode through the e-toll lanes and they let me get away but not without answering every of their infringment letter. After a while they said that if I keep going through the e-toll lane I would have to pay the administration fees, so after that I just go through the change given lanes and show my sticker to the operators.

  3. yeah, stay in the rear corner of a bus with your hand and foot on the brakes just in case. The camera won't go off ! ;) . . . keep within a couple of meters or so !
  4. [-o< [-X Naughty Mick.

  5. also, stay behind another biker.
    When they pay at the toll gate, when they take off, take off with them ! ;)

    Take that Harbour bridge !!
    2 for the price of one !! :eek:
  6. Go the Victoria Rd way into the city.

  7. +1
  8. That bridge is getting old, it's gonna fall down one day.

  9. I commute to uni 3 days a week over the bridge. Don't want to deal with the problems inherent to using a car etag with the bike. As a protest (/way to not waste money:LOL: ) I have an eclipse tin that I fill with $3 in coins and stick in my fairing pocket. Then I just tip the coins into their hand... It'd be real funny to be behind me when I pay as it would look like I'm paying by giving them a mint :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. That is why I used to do before. :LOL: :LOL:

  11. So long as you register for an eTag, you will be fine. There is a manual process invovled due to the smaller number plates, so they can't be read easily. Must be enlarged then obtain info from RTA. They can't charge you an admin fee on a bike, if you have a tag, as they don't always work. And sometimes they obviosuly can't be bothered following up.

    Vic's got it right with free travel for bikes - being around 1/10th the weight of cars and being charged the same is crazy :evil:

    Yeah from the Central Coast :roll:
  12. who's complaining about a longer ride :?
  13. You are brave to do that commute every day IMHO. Find a friend with a spare couch?
  14. Thats a Freaken Good Idea.. will have to try that :shock:
  15. Good idea Jared.
    I actually use blu-tac on my tank and stick coins to it. :grin:

    . . . thats when I wish to pay ! :LOL:
  16. So you don't pull up, take off you gloves one at a time, fumble around for your wallet, pull it out, count up the change... .... ...

    make it as slow and painful for them as posible till they realise that cahrging bikes isn't worth it?