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Sydney-Gladesville Bridge-Thank You

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AndyMac, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. Hey All,

    Sorry if this might of got dropped into the wrong section, but just saying thank you to all the bikers that waved the "R U Okay" wave to the bloke stranded on the Gladesville Bridge/Victoria Rd this afternoon!

    Thanks! All good...
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  2. I like the way you removed two letters from aRe and two letters from yoU but then added two letters to OK :)
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  3. Hahaha... Yeah, I think it was an attempt to retain some balance, still a bit rear biased...
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    Hey mate,
    Me and my wife saw you there too.
    Wanted to stop and help (looked like you could roll down to road shoulder at the bottom of the bridge if anyone gave you a bit of push) but the traffic was too crazy at the time to stop even for us in the cage..
    I actually called local popo to send out help. Couldn't bear not to do anything when a fellow biker stands stranded.. Asked them to at least block the lane so you could roll down. Not sure who / what actually got there.

    How did you end up getting home?
  5. Yeah...

    I took the calculated risk of pushing it to the opposite side of the bridge and rolled down the correct way.

    Sounds dumb, but rolling down against the traffic wasn't appealing. And the turning right lane going down the correct side looked a safe bet.

    Worked out okay. Appears the fuel wasnt getting into the carby on the bridge, must of just sat below the pick up line with the angle.

    Sounds all very amateurish (and is). Coming from a cage, I'm used to fuel warnings and levels, lesson learnt.
  6. Cool mate. glad you got out of there safe.
  7. fcuking LOL!
  8. Good evening Ben, coming for a ride Sunday ?
  9. getting back from a 3 day ride sat arvo, not sure I'll be available.

    How are you managing to ride an Aprilia 250cc on a learners license?
  10. It's a RS125-GP1.

    Do you still have a 125 or the MT07.
  11. Traded the Aprilia in on a brand new MT-07.
  12. Excellent, couldn't wait for the MT09 ??? You can't be that far off blacks.
  13. The MT09 is a good bike and being a triple is a great platform, the Mt07 isn't to far off, The MT07 is debatable as to being LAMS compliant, its seriously fast for a LAMS bike.

    6 months to go till full license, have you done your P's?
  14. Nah, still learning. And the 3 months is up in Jan.