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Sydney - Epping road this arvo/evening. What happened?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Rockjob, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. My brother just got back from a night class in the city.
    Apparently a motorcyclist was involved in some sort epic crash.
    Epping road citybound just after pittwater road was completely closed for about an hour 5ish-6ish

    Sounds messy.....

    Poor guy/girl

    Anyone know what happened?
  2. my mum saw it and came home in tears, it was a guy not exactly sure what happened but one minute he went past her then the next his bike was miles away from him and he was on the ground....
    My mum thinks he died....
  3. Hi Powers and Rockjob,

    The Forum has a policy in its terms and conditions on Rider down threads. This is to prevent speculation on accidents in which you weren't involved or have direct knowledge. It is possible that an accident involves someone who is on the site and they should be allowed to bring the matter up for discussion or not as they see fit. I know you posted just out of concern for a fellow rider and we all feel the hurt when a fellow rider goes down.

    Best thing is to stick to the policy. No offence. :)
  4. I never read terms and conditions. My fault.
    Wondered why I hadnt seen any rider down threads before.

    Might have to change my original post "What was so bad with the traffic on epping road?!?!?" :LOL:

    There it is.....
    Mods delete the thread if you must.

  5. Don't know if it's worth posting as this thread will likely be gone soon but anyway...

    If the road was only closed for an hour I would say the rider is expected to live. Fatalities automatically bring a proper accident investigation which typically lasts several hours. They may re-open bits of the road but AFAIK they usually don't.

    Any emergency services people on here should have more info on the procedure.
  6. The rider in question is my close friend... i've just come back from visiting him in the emergency ward. Without disregarding his right to privacy completely he has some broken bones (leg all kinds of broken in particular) and can't remember exactly what happened - just a lot of pain when he was on the ground.

    From what he remembers a lady pulled out in front of him with no warning.

    He is going to be alright.. just means he may not ride again.. for quite some time.

    If anyone was witness to the accident can they please PM me as the police came by the emergency ward and mentioned noone had come forward yet. Would be most appreciated

  7. well in that case:

    BOOBIES :dance:
  8. Melbas:

    Best wishes to your friend, hope he heals up quick.
  9. excuse my childishness.bad timing :?

    i hope yer mate recovers well melbas.best wishes to him :wink:
  10. Try not to assist the police pin a neg-driving charge on the rider, people...
  11. I work in Riverside and it was pretty much gridlock due to so many people were diverting from Epping Rd to Delhi Rd. I hope your mate heals up ok.

    Epping Rd in peak hour is mental. From 3pm it's like they have let a million people with an IQ below 30 loose onto the roads. I stopped riding to work many years ago due to it becoming to dangerous. I would have a 'near hit' every day because cars don't look, they just merge, always the cars fault.

    This is why i only use the M2 to/from work. No lights, everyone in the same direction going at a snails pace, plenty of room to split or use the shoulder. Still have to be 100% alert though.
  12. i had a heap of phonecalls from my family trying to see if the rider down was me... but i was in the gym without my phone so they all got worried for nothing..

    glad to hear he is alive and on the road to recovery though
    all the best to him
  13. Yeah - it's part of the reason i don't ride to work every day..not a big fan of riding through the CBD.. to many taxi drivers and dunces who don't look.

    Thanks for the well wishes guys - will pass them on.
  14. Nanny State?????

    Rules exist for a reason.

    That reason is not for the clowns like yourself to belch out shit like you have.

    You visited your mate in the emergency ward yet one poster "believes" the rider died.

    Good think no one started sending obituaries, condolences and a deposit on his plot at the local cemetery for a live person :roll:
  15. hey vic, Rockjob has nothing to do with the person involved in the accident. that was posted afterwards, by another user, melbas. who is so far the only person in this thread that has any real information.
  16. hey, i work at Optus in North Ride, and only knew there was a crash, only found out this morning it was a fellow rider. Hope your mate gets better from his injuries.
  17. i saw the traffic as i went under it on the M2 and just hope our fellow rider will be fine. this is just after seeing a bike down at the airport.. bad day that one.
    god speed on the recovery
  18. I was caught in this traffic in its early stages. Made a mess of everything southbound.

    Best wishes to your mate...
  19. Yeah, we turned on the radio and even Vic Larusso was going on about how Epping road was backed up forever.
  20. All the best to him, hope he's back on sooner rather than later and with no permanent damage!

    When I read of accidents it makes me review what I should and hopfully am doing to manage the risks. I hope others are doing that too, especially noobs like me.