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Sydney Eastern Suburbs New rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Tanoz, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, I'm a new rider to the scene. Came across this site and its loaded with info and some great tips.

    Been riding only about a month and a half now. Got a 2013 fz6r and its going in for its first service tomorrow.

    Anyone else around the east here new with their L's?
    I'm still young so loads to learn from all aspects and looking forward to being on here!

  2. Hello and welcome :)
    Nice bike to be starting out on.
  3. I'm quite liking it indeed. I rode on a friends extremely old (89) cibby and oh god it was terrifying.
    Guessing not many people are around the east on here eh?
  4. Just set your profile to female and you will recieve 30 pages of welcome :whistle:

    Welcome to netrider from a former East sydney living person who is now near some great riding roads
  5. Have any recommendation for areas to goto around here?

    And how do I view a list of ways to earn trophies.... this forum is quite different to what i am use to :L
  6. hey man, welcome.
    im in ur area but no, no really great roads nearby.
    sometimes there is the odd nice bend here or there, but for a nice string of corners u have to travel further out.

    and how did a CB scare you? its basically a teddy bear on wheels! lol.
  7. Hi mate,

    I'm in your area too and generally head down to the National Park for a bit of a blat as no real roads around locally that are good. Will send a PM with my details and maybe can link up for a ride (off my L's and P's but not too long ago to remember what its like to start riding and needing a 'friend' to tell me to turn my blinkers off :) )

    Cheers Spocky