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Sydney drivers are Australia's worst...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. Australia's worst drivers - study
    ANYONE who has ever wondered whether Sydney drivers are becoming more erratic possibly has a reason for thinking so.

    A study into Australian driving etiquette and behaviour maintains New South Wales drivers are the worst in the country, while West Australian drivers are the best.

    The Galaxy poll commissioned by car insurer 1Cover surveyed more than 1300 Australians to draw its conclusions.

    Confirming what many women have always suspected, men were universally found to be more reckless drivers than women, and have more accidents.

    "We were not surprised that men admit to being more reckless on the roads,'' Eddie Feltham, managing director of 1Cover, said today.

    "In fact, it is an industry-wide standard that car insurance premiums are more expensive for men than they are for women.

    The survey found men were more likely than women to not stop at zebra crossings, not give way at roundabouts, use their horn unnecessarily, change lanes without indicating, speed, and be involved in a road rage incident.

    South Australian drivers were dubbed the second worst drivers in the country in the state-by-state breakdown, followed by Queensland drivers.

    One in four drivers surveyed believed driver behaviour was better during school holidays, when mums were not on the road dropping their kids to and from school.

    article here
  2. Come to Canberra. I relish riding/driving in Sydney because while people are agressive, they're still generally on the ball. Roads in Canberra are so easy drivers become docile and are generally oblivious to everything around them. I'd rather drive/ride in sydney than here any day.
  3. I would have thought that South Australian drivers would have toped the list. Arrogant driving techniques seem to a sport over there.
  4. I'd love to see a suburb-by-suburb breakdown of the habits of Victorian drivers. I'm convinced that you need a warning sign every time you enter a different demographic.
  5. There are a lot of craptacular roads in Sydney. Then there are the super cautious "OMG I am doing 50 kms, I had better slow down" and the "cool, lets cruise on the motorway at 60 kms" drivers and of course everyones favourite the boy racers in their rice mobiles who think they are SOOOO cool ducking and weaving through traffic to get ahead 2 car places - got news for them, their aint no podium finish!

    For the rest of us we do what we have to in order to clutch to what remnants of sanity we have left so we can get to work hopefully on time :)
  6. As a former Canberran I %100 agree with GS5hundy.

    When Canberra drivers pass their test, they get issued with complimentary blindfolds. Alarmingly, some actually choose to wear these.

    I am now a Syndeysider for 5 years. I feel safer riding here.
  7. This is the biggest difference between canberra and sydney I think.

    In sydney you constantly have 2 lanes wheres cars duck and weave between the lanes because there arent as many dedicated turning lanes. So every intersection is a battle to change lanes faster than the car behind you.

    In canberra, theres so many extra turning lanes there isnt the problem of holding up traffic as much.

    So yes, drivers end up being complacent.
  8. And they reached this conclusion by surveying 1300 people? My God, do they think we're stupid or something? What possible statistical validity can a survey of less than 1.5% of the population have?

    I do agree that Canberra drivers are dozy, though. Having lived there for over 20 years; they have the best roads in Australia and the least road sense.

  9. ..... and to think I walked around Canberra crossing roads and stuff for a few days in 2006 without getting hit by a vehicle of any description! :LOL:
  10. It seems that every time I see survey results published these days, somebody pops up to say that X is never enough samples to make conclusion Y.

    Actually 1300 people should be more than enough to have statistically significant findings, depending on the confidence interval you attach to your prediction (how much error you accept). Unfortunately this kind of "market research" usually comes out in the form of press releases, devoid of the specific details about how the data were collected and conclusions compiled.

    With 1300 people, the weakness is perhaps more likely the sample quality rather than its quantity - i.e. is the sample randomly distributed about the various demographics? If I interviewed 1300 bogans the result would be very different to 1300 yuppies.
  11. ^hate this with a passion. The Princes highway has a bunch of spots turning right where there is no turning lane, and you have people slamming their brakes on then indicating to turn literally meters before the intersection. Makes it really hard to be in the right lane.

    Other annoying Sydney driver habit; cars coming to an intersection, with two lanes. Car in right lane is going straight, so is car in left lane. However, directly after the intersection, it becomes one lane - there is either a car parked in the left lane or its a one lane road. What does the sydney driver do in the left lane? He jumps on the gas as much as possible and cuts off the guy on the right. Of course, the car on the right might have jumped on the gas as well, causing the car on the left to slam on the brakes or smash into the parked car.

    Oh, and the number one thing that pisses me off is that sydney drivers see an indicator as a reason to speed up! If I indicate early, with intent to merge (on a bike or in a car, doesn't matter), I can guarantee you 9/10 drivers here will speed up to block you off. You almost have to indicate + merge without giving them time to make a bigger gap, because you know they'll speed up illegally to stop you from merging.

  12. yes !!!

    I lived in Canberra for a year and a bit, and I have to say . . . they have to be the worst ! I only felt safe around the streets of Braddon ! LOL . . . traffic only goes around the block anti-clockwise and at less speed, to make sure you can be seen. hahaha

    Melbourne CBD is fun to drive in. Maybe because i've mastered the hook-turn farken ! :LOL:
  13. :LOL: I was also going to comment on the fact that in terms of statistics, sample size of 1300 is more than enough to get meaningful data in this case, but I'd just let it go...

    ...but another numbers nerd just had to jump in. :LOL:
  14. Ha ha ha good ol Lonsdale St. Pity that doesn't happen anymore because surprise the cops shut it down. Admitadly it was fkn stupid when some idiot put oil down on the intersection so he's pos Gemini could actually break traction for a burnout (but that was Summernats time).

    I think Canberra is testament to good road intentions gone bad. Best roads in the country, yet no ones seems to be able to use them properly. It's just way to easy to get around, which leads to complacency. And why the fvck everyone has to come to a grinding holt every time there's a merging lane is beyond me...
  15. Melbourne is worse. Much worse.

  16. Hoook turns.
  17. I like to think WA is correct though.

    When I was last driving there people seemed very courteous.

    Perhaps the busier-the-roads, the more irate the drivers...
  18. I learnt to drive in Victoria and Melbourne. When I tuned 18 I moved straight to canberra for two years.

    Even as a completely inexperienced driver myself, I noticed people randomly cutting me off, and I was in a damn car! (hate to think what it would be like on a bike). In the 2 years I was in Canberra, I did a few weeks in brisbane and a few weeks in aderlaid, and 6 hours in sydney peak time, with the occasional trip home to melbourne. In that two years, I found canberra the worst, however this may of been due to spending more time on those roads.

    When I moved back to melbourne however I noticed straight away less close calls. Flash forward a few years and I've noticed the driving attitudes of melbourne drives, and worse off, taxi's as totally shocking and disregarding for all other road users.

    Then I got a bike.
  19. Understatement of the century. I still hold out hope that one day, the RTA, Telstra, Sydney Water and Integral Energy/AGL will get their act together, plan where they need to put cables and pipes and shit and then stop digging up my brand new roads!

    Ok, so I paraphrased that somewhat, but I can practically see my premiums going up every time one of these studies gets done. Honestly, we might as well just strap a camera to them. This way we will be able to see whats going on at Pluto by the time I'm 25.
  20. After living in Sydney all my life until 5 years ago moving to Melbourne, Melbourne drivers are 100 times worse than anywhere else I have ever seen. Hook turns are nothing when people don’t even stop for red lights.