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[sydney] Drags Wednesday 29/09

Discussion in 'NSW' started by UDLOSE, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Hi guys me and a few mates are racing at the street meet on Wednesday. It's a bit of fun, especially when your license is suspended like me its the only chance i get to throw a leg over a bike. Its a great way to give your bike everything its got without having to look over your shoulder.

    If you've never done it before I'm happy to help you out by telling you what you need to do and give a few tips etc.

    P platers are allowed in as far as I know but not sure about learners. For details check the site wsid.com.au

    So if you come down look for the black 675

    Cheers Marty

  2. I shall be there
  3. How much is it and what time do I have to be at EC?
  4. $50 to race
    $20 to watch

    gates open at 4:30pm, scrutineering from 5pm - 7:30pm. Don't leave it too late though because theres a limit on entrants.
  5. I've been wanting to do the same in Melbourne too as a mates been calling me but need full leathers and don't have them as yet.
  6. omg keen
  7. i would tear that shit up on ma two fiddy haha
  8. You don't need full leathers at WSID, theres no rules about pants, just recommendations.

    But the one thing they do enforce is that your helmet is the correct safety standard - your sticker should say AS/NZS1698. I think the old standard was AS1698, if it says that they wont let you race.

    Anyone that's thinking about coming who hasn't been before have a quick read though this. It explains the rules and basics of drag racing etc.

    Kryt - my girlfriend ran her 250 a few months back, she did 14.2 which is quicker than Matchstick01's 250 time :angel:
  9. Hehe, I tried clutchless shifting yesterday after seeing your drag video.
  10. Nice. I also tries clutchless shifting haha. Nothing on site says anyrhing about L or P platers only age restrictions
  11. Nice work on the clutchless shifting guys heheh. I recommend not doing it between 1st and 2nd while your learning, its much harder than the other shifts because there's Neutral in the middle. Infact i only ever go clutchless 1st to 2nd at the drags. The key to clutchless is lightly preloading the shifter with your toe first, then sharply reduce the throttle (don't cut it off completely) and make the shift then snap it back to full. Clutchless is good at lower speeds and rpms too but you need to get a feel for it, how much you cut the throttle and from what RPM to do it at etc, some bikes like it more than others, but most can do it at full noise no problems.

    Sooo... last night. The weather was looking a little sketchy but we decided to go through with it anyway. We've loaded my bike up on my mates ute (no license remember) and I get a call from Paul (matchstick). "Dude I got in the gate, paid my $50 and my bike droped dead and won't restart!". We get there and have a look at his bike and can't find anything so I go take my bike through scruitineering and what do you know my bike won't start either!! In my case my battery is stuffed from sitting around not being ridden, I had it on charge all day yesterday. So I pushed it through scruitineering then got my mates to push start me in the pits. I did a few laps of the carpark to try and charge the battery and lined up in the staging lanes just in time to get a run in.

    Remembering this is the first time I've even sat on a bike since I went to the drags last time, plus I was all stressed out from all the chaos that we just went through. I did a monster burnout (video coming soon), then staged it up. I didn't launch at high enough revs so it bogged down a little (like in the video I posted) so I just snapped it to the bump stop and it pushed through the bog and started lifting the wheel pretty aggressively and I just stayed on it. It wheelied higher than I wanted to and it nicked the rev limiter, I shifted to 2nd on the way back down and did an otherwise decent run.

    Realed off a 11.1@125MPH. Not quite the 10.9x I was hoping for but still my second best run ever.

    Got back to the pits and our mates had got Pauls bike running! Woohoo! 30 secs later it starts raining... After 15 mins they announced that they have declared the event rained out. So we loaded up the bike in the rain in full leathers and cruise home with our tails between our legs.

    I reckon if I'd gotten a few runs in I'd have got my 10 second pass.

  12. 11.1, nice work =D Would have liked to come, hopefully next time I wont have pressing deadlines.

    Have never done it before so would be fun to have a go.
  13. I shall be out there next week, didn't get a single run in before the rain so I have a credit.
  14. Nice one Marty let me know next time you go, I'll run ya on my minja. How many runs do you get for $50?
  15. Thanks Phiz! I went quicker than two R1s and some turbo 1100 thing.

    Yeh notice that the staff saw they grey skys and magically forgot to give everyone else back their tickets at the counter like they normally do. No credit for us ](*,)
  16. Cheers Pete! As many as you can fit in, it depends on how many entrants there are and if there are oil downs or crashes. On a normal night you get about 5-6 on average. Last night I only got 1 run and the time before only 3.
  17. Sounds good. But crashes?? Going in a straight line? Wow. They must be REAL quick then. I reckon I'd have to be drunk as hell to bin my bike on quarter mile run
  18. Mate I've seen a guy on a GS500 highside off the line getting wheelspin, I'd say your zx6r is capable of it
  19. Haha that would be funny as hell. I guess I'm gonna practice my take offs now...
  20. Good to see you back on netrider ya wranger