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Sydney domestic airport parking

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by greenfolder, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Does anyone know if we can ride around the boom gates and park for free? Is there perhaps a "designated" area for bikes?

  2. I've skipped the boom gates and left the bike there for a day for free a couple times. But that was 3-4 years ago.
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  3. Yes, there is a designated area for bikes. Its across the road from the pedestrian crossing in front of T2 arrivals- the lower level that is just next to car rentals at the edges. You can access it through the crossing, turning right at it. You will see at least 15 bikes parked there which makes it easier to spot.

    Hope that helps

    And yes the parking is for free. There is no official notice but i have been parking there for the past 6 months every day and have never paid for it. Once when they were having a construction in that area and they posted a notice asking owners to park their bikes inside the parking lot
  4. How did this turn out?
    Has anyone parked there over night? Considering leaving it there for a weekend. anyone been pulled up for riding around the boom gates?
  5. I work just across the road from the Stamford Hotel , we have a spare [locked] garage that the work car used to be put in but one of the blokes at my work takes the car home now so it's sitting empty now.

    If anyone wants to leave their bike while going for a short time (probably a month is stretching it on the bosses behalf) and they feel comfortable leaving their keys with a complete stranger then you can leave it the bike in the work garage and pick it up when you get back eg. if give me a ring and I'll come unlock the garage, or if it's outside work hours I can leave the bike out the back (undercover) with the key hidden somewhere as well - but that can all be worked out if someone does decide to take up the offer.

    edit: also might mention that I would have to make sure it's cool with the boss first which it most probably would be.

    On the other hand from what I remember about the last time the topic came up was bikes just go up one of the footpaths to get in and it's up to the guards discretion whether or not to follow up on you getting 'around' the gate(s).
  6. No, parking for bikes is NOT free. There was a notice put to that effect.
  7. but can you do it? goes for westfield and so on? do they ban you from parking there if you do it too often?
  8. Does the bike fit past the boom gate? If so then it's for free. This doesn't just apply to the airport it applies to anywhere where there's a park which has a boom gate entrance to it. The parking attendants to such places don't expect motorbikes to pay as they are used to the site of bikes riding past the boom gates.

    Supposedly riders have to pay at Melbourne airport too...Yeah right, The machine won't even dispense a ticket to a bike as it doesn't recognise it's mass.

    Melbourne airport parking
    Sydney airport parking
  9. what about the theboom gates where there is someone sitting at the boom gate, do you ride passed as they say that will be 20 bucks

    what about the safety camera mass detectors or are they fine tuned?
  10. As I posted above "The parking attendants to such places don't expect motorbikes to pay as they are used to the site of bikes riding past the boom gates". If you ever get pulled up for it then you'll obviously pay but I am yet to see a rider get pulled up for it.

    I wouldn't worry about cameras. Motorbikes are too insignificant for them to bother with. If they really want to bar us from entering for free they could lengthen the boom gate itself but then if they were to do this they would also need to change all the sensors as a bike doesn't trigger it for the ticket machine to dispense a ticket.
  11. Can anyone confirm for me that the book gates as Sydney Domestic short stay parking outside the arrivals hall near T2 etc.. still have room to allow a bike to get past them ?

    I have an evening flight on a Friday night returning midday on a Saturday and dont feel like being charged for 48 hours of car parking in the long stay domestic car park.
  12. I think the gates go all the way across at the Domestic, but I could be wrong. Will check it out by asking my colleague who works there.

    Your alternative (and something I've done before) is to park your bike at the International Terminal and train across to Domestic ($5) - the International Terminal is surprisingly very mbike friendly - there are areas at the bottom around the main multi-storey carpark building that you can park and enter/exit easily (whether past shorter boom gates or between pedestrian bollards) - you don't have to enter the car park itself via the front boom gates, just via the side street on the left of the terminal.

    I'll ring my colleague at Domestic and update you about the Boom Gates.
  13. Good news about parking at Domestic - my colleague confirmed "there's 15 or 20 bikes parked there everyday" - specifically near the traffic lights after the pedestrian crossing. You should be able to enter / exit quite easily around the boom gates or via small pedestrian pathways.
  14. Thats perfect, thank you very much for finding out this info for me mate,

    Really appreciate your efforts.

    So what you mention above is that there are plenty of areas where i could just exit via a pedestrian path even if i cant get around the boom gate ?

    I dont usually try to get out of paying for things but i feel that being charged for 48 hours parking when im only really using it for 15 is a bit much.
  15. Not exactly sure about the pedestrian path, but I've been assured stacks of bikes park their everyday for free, that doesn't surprise me as both terminals are operated by the MacRazor gang. If you're not sure, ride by just to check it first ... yes why would you pay MacRazor even 1c more if you don't have to?
  16. For those of you still interested....
    I emailed the airport and they say there is free designated parking providing you stay within the boundaries of the motorbike parking areas. They also attached some enormous PDF's which I have converted to images below. Very helpful stuff.
    International Motorcycle parking map
    Domestic Motorcycle parking map
  17. Well there you go ... and I didn't even know these existed while I worked here!!! :)

    Well done somerider...
  18. the way i read it is that if you dont park in that free area you get booked or you have to pay
  19. This is an very good issue you have taken up about parking. There are a few available places which are cheaper and safe.
    Airport Parking Sydney
  20. Hey guys. Any updates as how to park in the Sydney Domestic Airport parking lot? Do they charge like per cars or can it be entered around the boom gate?