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Sydney dealers

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Layto, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. Hi everybody. I am doing my l's in a few weeks after years of putting it off. Been reading the forum for a few weeks getting some info for my choice of bike. Just wondering if anyone could recomend some dealers in Sydney with a good range of learner legal bikes. I mainly want to get some idea of what money will get what level of bike, and to sit on as many as i can to get a feel for what i am comftable with. I am from newcastle so would like to be able to tie in as many dealers with one visit. I have a budget of $5000 for the bike, and am mainly looking for naked bikes like the spada vtr GS500 etc. Any info would be great.


  2. Can't point you to any particular dealers, Layto, but if you're after something reasonably large, you could do a lot worse than a GS/GSF 500. Fairly capable bike, can do almost anything quite well (commute, tour, twisties) and as reliable as they come.

  3. if ure lookin at the gs500, i have been as well recntly. and i was dissapointed to find but i cant find one for your or what i thought was my budget cheapest one i found so far is $5800 on bikesales.com so either im taking out loan, not getting new bike as soon as i wanted or prob most likely option not being so specific on wat bike im goin to get.
  4. From memory bike biz in Syd had a GS500 for $4990 (red IIRC). I had a look there last weekend, but it was out at the time.


  5. Cheers Hornet :grin: .

    Going for a drive down to Sydney tomorrow, so might cruise down there and have a look.

  6. Finnaly got a bit of time to go to Caringbah, and i agree with you guys. Great service indeed. Got my loan sorted out now, just waiting for it to come through, then i will be ordering a Spada for myself.