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(Sydney) Dead scooter 25km from home, what to do?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Gravitastic, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. There are no stupid questions, only stupid people. That said, wtb common sense, what do I do? :newb:

    A little background, it's the scooter on my profile, 2000km odo, about to do 2nd service, headlight turns on normally (I don't know if it's more dull than it is usually), rode it to Coogee, came back an hour later and the starter motor winds a lot but the engine doesn't start up. Engine is half full with fuel, I threw in an extra litre of petrol I keep stashed away for a rainy day but to no avail.

    I'd really like to get some recommendations. I have left the bike parked on a curb in some side-street in Coogee (near Coogee Bay Hotel) to deter the locals from leaving nails in its tyres, maybe they will do that anyway, they're a bit aggressive in the eastern suburbs when it comes to parking :LOL:

    All I can think of is ringing the place in Artarmon I bought it from (I live in North Ryde), I suppose they can pick it up in a ute or whatnot and charge me an arm and a leg. I'm not with NRMA, or a comprehensive 3rd party insurer, should I be? Anyone have recommendations on whom to go with (or a thread reference if this is a FAQ?)

    Sorry for not err, posting without an intro post, what can I say? SCOOTER4LYFE WOO!

    [edit] removed insinuations it was the bike's problem

  2. go hire a ute 80$
    get a mate pick it up
    drive to the beach
    throw it of a cliff
    buy a bike so u can push start it.
  3. you're taking the piss right ?
  4. I see it's 2008 model isn't it still under warranty? If it is ring the shop.
    If your worried about leaving it on the street all night the place where I got my bike gave me a number for a guy who is supposed to do 24hr emergency pickup for bikes with a ute - I have no idea how pricey he is though I havent had to use him yet. He is Doug on 0412377548
  5. Thanks for the number, in my mob now. Yes it is under (4 year) warranty, however the warranty does not extend to tyres or battery. Which is what I want to do to the scooter right now actually! But yeah, what else can it be? Drained battery or bad spark plug?

    Also, yes, I think he is taking the piss :grin:
  6. its a no brainer
    I though the question was how to get it home/mechanic?
    without huge fees?
  7. Then cremate it :LOL:
  8. Doug just delivered my bike from Kogarah to Parramatta for $100 - good value imo.
  9. scooter down thread?
  10. call a bike courier or a company/workshop that also does breakdown pickups.
  11. report it to the police, maybe call his/her next of kin if you must

    edit: oh scooter.....not scooterist
  12. we got a blackhawk down i repeat blackhawk down....sshhhhh... copy..

    other than setting it on fire for the people in the pub to look at go get a ute.. if you are really stuck i have a mate who lives on dudley st up the hill.. if you can push it to his joint im sure he wouldnt mind it in the carport till you can get it home.
  13. well ive always said its a sh!t hole