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Sydney council gone bonkers - permanent 40kph speed limits across entire city

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by snuff3r, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/putting-a...r-city-to-protect-cyclists-20100624-z3py.html
    "SUBURBAN streets could become like 24-hour school zones under a City of Sydney plan to make roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians by dropping the speed limit to 40km/h.

    The council will ask the Roads and Traffic Authority to cut the speed limit on all local roads in three suburbs - Newtown, Camperdown and Darlington - a move crash experts say could reduce the frequency and severity of cycling accidents if applied across the city."

    I'm an ex-cyclist*, used to ride from Newtown to Crows Nest every day, and I think this is possibly one of the stupidest things i have ever seen.

    * discovered you could put motors on 'em

  2. yep completely bonkers *bonkerrs*

    just one slight problem, trucks and couriers delivering essential goods and services, now get to do so at snails pace.. that's just great for everybody trying to operate a business in Shitney NOT.
  3. Many inner city areas around the world have 40kph limits and it doesn't seem to effect their business.

    Personally I'd rather see 40kph in inner city areas and 130lkph on country free ways, at least that way the limits would reflect the real risk.

    Of course being in Australia we'll get the 40 and not get the 130...
  4. So they'll be cracking down on cyclists too?

    It would be pretty easy to break the 40km/h limit even on a bicycle.
  5. Generally don't like the continuation of the trend, but to be a bit reasonable about it Sydney council is pretty small and you rarely do more than 20 in those areas.

    The more consistent speed may actually help traffic flow.
  6. WE have had this in Brisbane for a while now. The reasoning is because to many (drunk??) pedestrians are getting hit. Thats why they call us the nanny state! Idiots cant take responsibilty for themselves and there own well being so the rest of us have to suffer.
  7. due to traffic in those areas, you'd be hard pressed to go that fast anyway.
    Balmain peninsula is like that, and i sure as shit dont notice it there.
  8. don't forget to wipe of 5
    now it's quicker to run than drive
    my dog just chased a cat
    now he has a speeding ticket.

    sorry, just practicing my haikus
  9. It's 40 kmh in melbourne's cbd, has been for ages haven't noticed a difference actually.
  10. Really? Shows how often I go into the CBD.
  11. really? I usually do about 65 :-s
  12. I can't say I've noticed this either.
    By CBD, you don't mean a single lane somewhere do you?

  13. Can't say I've noticed it in the CBD with the exception of a few Nth-Sth roads north of Victoria St/Pde.
  14. William St is 50, a few of the others are posted at 60. But there are a few that have 40 signs up now. I spotted my first one the other day. They haven't been very vocal about it, have they?
  15. "Hey, just walk on the road, guys! The cars'll stop in time...we'll be right (hic)"

    Whole suburbs in inner Melb are 40 now. I have to say it's almost universally ignored, even by cyclists.

    Don't imagine it'll stop in the CBD - it'll spread like cancer.
  16. that is the part that concerns me.
  17. Few main streets near my old place in Richmond are 40km/h. Must say I definitely am of the minority when I obey the 40km/h (real not speedo), people tailgate/push you and most people in front leave me behind until I catch up at next red light and usually filter past. Then my acceleration gets me past most other red lights :D
  18. clover moore is losing her marbles, captive to the greenie car-hating lobby, the sooner she gets dumped the better, and hopefully before she rips up George Street and turns it into a cycleway, like she's done with Bourke Road.....
  19. Maybe it encourage people to buy a scooter for commuting to the CBD and the scooter forum will become a bit more active :moped::p
  20. There's about 10 blocks in the city that should be converted to pedestrian, cycle and possibly tram access only. There is no need for cars to go through the city. At the moment parts of the city more resemble a freeway overpass than an international city.