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Sydney City Parking limits ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by zukboy, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone

    new to riding and this forum but have to say am loving the convenience of two wheels.

    i have a question aimed specifically at sydney riders who commute or ride around the CBD: has anyone been fined for parking longer than prescribed ?

    i'm still new to the brethren and not really in the loop but am wondering whether parking inspectors monitor bikes as vigilantly as they do with cars. I park around haymarket and glebe. so far I've left the bike all day and no yellow envelope :D
    a little more hesitant to do that around haymarket or actual CBD, has anyone got stories
  2. was in Newtown the other day, mine and my mates bikes parked for 4 hours in a 1 hour spot. parking inspectors came past twice, didn't even look at the bikes. Wrote up tickets for the cages though, if that's any help to you.
  3. Depeneds on the mood of the inspector I guess.
    I haven't personally tried it yet and always try to stick to the times or find a bike space.
    Only last week I saw a GSR750 on Hunter St with the dreaded yellow envelope stuck between the seat and the tank (very easy to fly away btw) so your mileage may vary.
  4. Welcome mate, Yeah they will fine you, I've seen a few bikes with yellow envelopes stuffed into their seat straps, Castlereigh St CBD..
  5. Recently some bike parking was removed on Hay St, Haymarket (restored now) while they did some road works and I had to park on Castlereagh st all day and never got booked. Not sure if they were taking this into consideration but there were plenty inspectors around and I was pleased not to get a ticket.

    On other occasions where I have got to work late and had to park in a normal spot I've been fined though - so yes they can/will book you.

    I could move it every hour but the way I see it, for the once or twice a year I get a ticket it still works out pretty cheap for parking in the CBD.
  6. What I'm interested is how far does your bike need to be outside a bike parking area in Sydney, before they will book you? Can you be booked for being a mm past the no parking sign?
  7. In my experience they tend to be pretty lenient when you are on the edge so to speak - Technically though you need to be wholly within the allocated area so don't be surprised if they do happen to ping you. I think you'll find that parking inspectors are not reknowned for their kindheartedness.
  8. Yeah I suspect there is a bit of leniency. But just out of curiosity, where is the boundary? Is it the base of the pole, or is it between the signs? i.e sometimes you will have a no parking sign, then the motorcycle sign, then the pole.

    Also has anyone been done on the edge? How far were you over? Did you appeal to the SDRO, were you succesful?

    I've seen plenty of bikes pushing the boundaries in the city, some completely outside the line.

    Also I highly reccomend anyone who parks in patrolled areas regularly gets the Park Patrol App for android or Iphone. It allows you to report the position of parking cops when you see them and gives you an alert when one has been spotted within a certain proximity of your vehicle. It sounds crap and you would think no one would bother reporting but right now I can see 10 reports in the CBD from the last hour.
  9. Quick one - sorry if it's dumb. In NSW can you not just park your bike on the footpath, all day, as long as it is out of the way of pedestrians etc? Or is there something I'm missing? Was planning on a trip up there on the bike (from VIC), and might be handy to know how to avoid a pricey park.
  10. Nope, one of the few things where living in NSW is worse for us. But I will take signposted speed cameras and no TAC over footpath parking any day.

    It does get quite complicated. City allows you to park free of charge in parking spots but you do have to follow the time restrictions. Other councils have different policies.
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  11. Sadly unlike Vic we can't park on the footpath. In the Sydney council area there are specific bike parking spaces you can use for free all day or you can park in a metered park spot without the need to pay but you must stick to the designated time limit signposted.

    On the plus side though you can use the bus lanes (to ride down not park).
  12. Bus lanes, but not Bus Only Lanes, see it gets complicated. Thankfully there are only a few bus onlies to worry about.
  13. I've seen the threads on bus lanes - and although we're "trying" them out down here, I certainly think you guys have got the goods on that! (I'll look out for the word "only") Thanks for the heads up on the parking - wow, I would've stuffed that one up!
  14. I've been booked for parking longer than permitted in Surry Hills, just near central.
  15. there's plenty of bike spots around the city. you can park at Ultimo tafe, there's a biig space for bikes, between the Big (read: Ugly) UTS building and Ultimo tafe.

    but, i've seen some bikes been fined around tafe, that are parked in timed car spots and have exceeded the stay.
  16. I have had my tyres chalked in time limited spots, so I guess they'd come back eventually and write me up. I had one parking cop chalk the front tyre right to the edge and I think that stuff's actually crayon or similar because it doesn't just wash off. I accepted the challenge and spent the next few weeks trying to clean that fucking crayon off in the corners, including a run up the 10 mile and I just couldn't scrub off the last cm.

    So I don't know how likely they are to write you up, but they do make a feature of your chicken strips.
  17. On the subject of bus lanes, does anyone know the legality of using the bus lane exit off the western distributor to get to the big motorcycle parking area at the bottom of druitt st. As you come off the ANZAC bridge it says Bus lane, so you think alrighty then and ride down it, but at the bottom it says buses only, at which point you're kind of comitted.

    Obviously I'm going to keep doing it like every rider until a copper actually pings me for it, I'm just interested to know if anyone's been hassled.
  18. Thanks for the tip on the app. We should all have this.
  19. So when you need a park you just put a fake one in where you are going and presto parks out the front.
  20. =D>love it