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Sydney City Motorcycles (Lane Cove & Kograh)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by GnomeOomps, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. Just a quick post about the excellent service I received at Sydney City last Thursday and last Saturday.

    I called up the Lane Cove store and spoke with Angela about a brake lever for my bike. Really helpfull over the phone, put the part aside for me and wasn't in a rush to get me off the phone.
    Went into the store and spoke with Angela and another guy (will try and find his name) who helped me with some other things as well.
    I ended up buying from their store:
    * Clutch Lever
    * Oil Filter
    * Knee Guards
    * A* SP2 Gloves
    * Disc Lock
    * Cable Reminder
    * Chain Cleaner (Motul - Good recommendation from the 101 section!)
    * Chain Brush (didnt have any used toothbrushes, and it was only $20)

    All of that cause the service was excellent and they gave me honest advice and not just trying to sell me the most expensive thing.
    Also was trying to buy some AXO Lancer boots they had on special, but they didnt have them in stock but said it wasnt an issue ordering some in.

    Called the Kograh store to get the boots and spoke with an irish guy (still dont know his name) who put 2 sizes aside for me to try on.
    Got to the store with about 5 minutes till they closed and he was there with the boots waiting. A lady helped me out that had only been there for 2 days helped me with the sizes and they also happend to have a forcefield back protector that I was after.
    So I bought the boots and the back protector from them too.

    All in all I cant say enough good things about the experience and I would definantly go there again.
    BTW - I dont work for them nor do I know anyone that works for them.

    This was all in the accessories area, so dont base this on the sales area as I wouldnt have a clue what they are like.

  2. I have the exact same comments about them.

    Always been the best for all my accessories and the service they have provided for myself was always brilliant! :D

    I think the guys name is... Daniel? I think.. He's got a silly grin, looks huge and could be intimidating if he wanted to. He's the guy I've always dealt with, and Angela has helped out a few times.
  3. so u wanted a brake lever and walked out $1500 poorer? lol
  4. Yeah they are great at selling shit but there mechanic's are ****ed :)
  5. Nice to hear a positive experience though.
  6. LOL! Not quite. About $950 was spent on everything in total.
    I was going to buy all that stuff anyway and ended up finding everything I needed there.
  7. Always have had good experience at Lane Cove being my local shop and all.
    Bought my helmet, my first gloves, my second set of gloves, and my boots there.
  8. I've always found the accessories guys at Sydney City Lane Cove excellent. One even told me to go custom jacket instead of a Dainese that I would have to get altered. Top service there.
  9. Make some sense??
  10. means that the salesguy said, don't buy here cause it's not completely fitting you, go get custom and spend your money elsewhere cause i want you to be satisfied with product.

    am i right? can i haves a cookie? :D
  11. ****ers wanted to charge me 250min (2hours labour) just to install a new rear shock.

    lol 10min job.. umm, I'll do it myself thanks!