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Sydney City Motorcycles - any good for services?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by GunSlingerAU, May 15, 2008.

  1. Hey guys

    My Kawa VN250 was purchased from Syd City Motorcycles, and its first service was done there as well. She's due for her 2nd year service - should I take her back to SCM or go elsewhere?
  2. Sydney Shitty at Kogarah at least are an incompetent bunch of morons.

    Paging Browny.....................
  3. You're in Surry Hills? Take it to Flywheels at Alexandria. Very good people, I think you will be happy.
  4. I'll go out on a limb and say that most large dealers have terrible service workshops. It's not necessarily the mechanics and more often simply a reflection of the business model.
  5. I bought my bike from SCM at Kograh and took it back there for the first 2 or 3 services. As a noob, how are you supposed to tell the difference between a good service and a bad one?? All I can say now, 3 years on, is that SCM do a great job of cleaning your bike and thats it! I've had my bike serviced at a few different places, Flywheels being one of them and they are very good, if not a bit on the pricey side.

    I now get mine and the missus' bike serviced at Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers (just along the road from Flywheels), they do a great job every time and customer service you won't find anywhere else, Jay is bloody legend. Prices are good, very cheap compared to the likes of SCM.

    My 2c...
  6. And netrider hast spokenth. Flywheels it is... however, I'm pretty sure they're the same mob who tried to sell me a brand new VN250 for $9,500... kinda dodgey considering the official RRP was $7k. I could be wrong though, let me sober up and I'll be sure =P
  7. +1 got them to fit some oggys the other week and now my engine sounds like it wants to jump out on take off.Also got them to put some spools on and went to change them yesterday to spools/sliders and they had cross threaded the originals on and could hardly get them off.Not letting them butchers touch my bike again will be taking it to a certain hyabusa riding mech next time,which i should have in the first place............Hindsight!!!
  8. :roll: Lets just say after the 3rd fcuking attempt at getting it right (I'm not talking minor things you could 'miss'. I will never, ever, fcuking ever take my bike to Sydney City Motorcycles fcuking ever!!

    I'm not going to lay it all out on a public forum,
    You'd have more luck getting your bike sorted by giving it to a 95 year old alcoholic, parkinsons sufferer with no arms, who's clinically blind

    For your bikes safety and your own sanity STAY AWAY!!!! :wink: :evil:
  9. I ended up going to the Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers mentioned earlier in this thread. From a novice's perspective, they seemed to do a good job - gearbox was noticeably smoother once they'd done the service. And the customer service/attitude was faultless - very nice bunch of guys.
  10. Same here, highly recommend the lads at Flywheels, top bloke!
  11. I agree with everything that Browny said. I wouldn't take my bike back to Sydney City Motorcycles - Kogarah if they were the last dealer in Sydney. I would love to be able to tell what happened to me but as this is public forum I don't think its a good idea. Lets just say, don't trust a Salesman. I purchased a new motorcycle from these people and they basically don't give a crap once the sale is made. Take some advice from someone who was deceived by these guys and spend your hard earned money somewhere else.
  12. Will Flywheels or Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers give you a loaner while they are doing the service??

  13. ouch alot of bad reports for SCM kogarah.... are the lane cove and campbelltown SCM just as bad for servicing???
  14. Can't comment on them never been, which one would you like to know about they are miles from each other?? can't see someone deciding between the 2.... :?
  15. i bought my bike through SCM campbelltown tis all just never put it in for a service.

    but i must say i cant fault the campbelltown store for customer service ive been in and out of there many a time and they have been great.
    after this post was just a lil worried about servicings on my pride and joy.
  16. what the approx price for a service at Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers?
  17. My bike (2006 VTR250) has been serviced at SCM, Lane Cove ever since it was bought (by myself and the previous owner). Other than being pricey, I don't really have any major complaints about them.

    My battery once ran flat (leaving the hazards one for too long), Justin (service dept. manager) told me to bring the bike in and they'd check the battery out for free - which they did.

    Once had bent my gear lever after a drop. Took it in and they straightened it for free. Eventually got a new lever and they also fitted that for free.

    It's not major things I know, but to me it is such small things that give a good or bad impression of the place. I'm getting my 12,000km service done there which btw is only $50 more than what Lloyd Penn quoted me. But SCM could do it sooner than LP. I will however take my bike to LP for the 18,000km (and prob. save about $150-200)
  18. Purchased my bike from Sydney City Kogarah, good before I purchased , crap after. Tried to tell me the bike was due for service at six months instead of 12 , then at second service they stuffed the front brake causing brake fluid to leak all over the bars and bubble this paint. Then the service manager lied to me about where the leak was coming from and could tell me what happened to cause it. Bad experience all round as far as service goes, the current service manager has no idea about customer service. Il be taking my business elsewhere in future.
  19. Agree totally, better of going elsewhere even one of the other stores would be better than Kogarah. Totally useless