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Sydney City - Free Parking (Motorbikes)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by CruiseOrLoose, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. So when i used to drive to work into the city i was mates with the security guard who worked one night a week ( on a friday:-s )

    So he would just let me park in the empty spots and then whenever someone complained he would just give me a new spot.

    But if anybody needs motorbike parking just head down to clarence street on the corner up towards cirqular quay there is a parking station on the left hand side you can not miss. Just click the button on the right hand side that is not to visible it does not require a swipe cause this is the back entrance, and it will let you in.

    When inside there is a small storage section on the left hand side just pull in there park your bike there and no-one will say a thing.

    I have know the guard for a while now and he has told me that he has become such close friends with the bikers that park there bike there that he sells them swipes to use the front entrance. Which is a more secure parking bay.

    So take a pie or something to him on a friday afternoon be nice and what you know there's a couple good free parking spots in the city. ( He is an old man grey hair and always sits out the front of clarence on friday nights. )

    This applies to cars as well.

    Just a quick thread i thought a couple of city riders would appreciate cause i sure do.
  2. Hey Cruise,

    which intersecting road is it near? I stumbled along a couple of them North bound. :) Thanks.
  3. Never mind.
  4. so wait, bikes have to pay for parking in sydney? hahahahahahahaha.

  5. oh wait, bike riders in melbourne deal with crap weather 10 months of the year?

    oh wait, bike riders must wear black stylish turtle neck/v neck sweaters in melbourne?

    oh wait, bike riders in melbourne follow a game where they award one point for failing?

    etc etc ad nauseum.....at least i havent mentioned eddie macguire...
  6. haha, and no, they dont have to pay for parking in Sydney

  7. -jfiddy ,

    I think its king. There is actually a residential unit block on the corner and this is attached to it. Owned by different companies so you wont have any problems with receptionists or tenants.

  8. heh, this might get popular, fast :p I work 3 doors down from there.
  9. Is this across from Grace Hotel? I don't remember seeing any parking station there.
  10. thanks for telling us about it...but i have no idea where you're talking about. cnr clarence and king?
    i suck with street names. any company businesses nearby you can remember?
  11. careful, this sounds like a scam
  12. Only those of us who live in Brunswick - and then it's compulsory... :p