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sydney city centre motorcycle free parking

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by WeeBubba, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. hi

    ive got to go into the city centre tomorrow morning to a dentists appointment (on george st near the QV8). i was wondering if anybody could recommend me an easy access parking spot.

    ill be getting in early around 730ish and will be hopefully heading out by 10am ish.

    normally i wouldnt plan something like this too much but im still on my learner plates so the more i can plan ahead the better for this one

    thanks for any help
  2. hope your not getting drugged up champ, could be a problem riding home :)
  3. good point, hadnt thought about that one!
  4. if you look at the bottom of this thread, you'll see similar threads that are very helpful if you do end up riding.

    it's a commonly talked about issue :)
  5. If you do go in, across the road from the blood bank on Clarence st is your best bet (other ones fill up fast).

    Alternatively, on sussex st there is a huge motorcycle parking area right near the four points hotel.

    If they drug you I would recommend the train. If not, have a cup of coffee and a burger or something before you ride.
  6. i used to park on sussex st off the harbour bridge. it fills up by 7.30am...plenty down there with a 5 min walk to george...more on kent near town hall
  7. thanks for this!

    now for the root canal here i come! 8-[
  8. i plotted the route on google maps to help me.

    here it is

    my only concern is that where i am supposed to get onto york street, the street view map shows it is a bus lane, the car lanes seem to veer off in the wrong direction. am i ok to use that bus lane?

  9. you can use any bus lane in nsw on a bike, just cant use "BUS LANE ONLY"
  10. You are fine to use the bus lane down York St - I would suggest a different route from Terrey Hills at that time in the morning though - Try Forest Way, Wakehurst Parkway to Seaforth then use the bus lanes along Military Road and across the bridge.
  11. ok nice one, ill do that way instead its more familiar to me anyhow, didnt realise i could ride on the bus lanes so military road might not be the shit fight that it is in a car!!
  12. let us know how ya went :) dislike the dentist intensely...
  13. Lol a recommendation to take Military road...if you're lucky you'll be home in time to vote in the election.
  14. Better than battling all the way down Pacific Highway....it's not the quickest way to town at that time in the morning, but it's easy to deal with.
  15. Why take either road from Terry Hills?

    Best bet if you've got an etag is to take Forest way and Warringah rd to the roseville bridge, follow the easten valley way and take the alternate route to the city via alpha rd.

    It's madness to attempt either the Pacific carpark or Military crawl if you have to be somewhere.
  16. It's my daily commute too...so I've been playing about with variations on that route - it doesn't seem to make any significant difference in timing.
    During school holidays, or if you cross the Spit by 7am the Military Rd route is usually quicker. If Spit Hill is bad, then breaking right through Beauty Pt/MacPherson St usually avoids the worst of the hold ups.
    Heading North is almost always quicker via Brook St, EVW, Roseville Bridge.
  17. He's already left guys, and dentist will be (or is finished with him) soon.
  18. You might be right. I don't have an etag so I take the lanecove, victoria rd route into the city, means I have to cross the Roseville bridge. I avoid EVW in the mornings now and just cut through Chatswood.

    I still reckon that Military road is nothing but trouble. Went to highschool in Mosman and remember spending 30 mins to get from the bridge to the servo.