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Sydney. Checking out a ducati.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dirty TRiX, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Any of the ducati guys want to check a ducati out for me in Sydney for a slab?

  2. Yeah I checked out one today!!!! Nce bike............................now where's me slab!!!! :rofl:
  3. What part of Sydney??
  4. Southern Subs.
  5. I'm not a ducati rider, but i'll check it out for you if you want...
  6. what duke are u thinking of getting?
    I ride a 620 monster, quite nice...
  7. Looking for 600, 750 or 900SS or similar in monster.
  8. I see that u ride a GS500, so the power difference isn't that great...
    best to ride it urself and get a feel for it. Also if u really want 2 do some shopping around, 1st go 2 a dealer and get a test ride on a new one, then try out some 2nd hand ones...

    If ur unsure about models then go 2 a dealer and u can compare hand 2 hand the differences.
  9. I know the models.... The differences in power between a 600/750/900 are small compared to differences in jappas
  10. Yes, I checked it out in your email.....
    make the slab James Squire please! :grin:

    No really- nice bike. I hope you can pull it off.
  11. well wish me luck people. I'd still far prefer something from QLD it's so much easier.