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Sydney CBD underpass sneaky parking gone

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nath, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. The council morons have fenced off the illegal but widely used deadspace on clarence st where the overpass cuts over.
    I never parked there, but where I do park will now have to cope with an extra 30 bikes and probably have to get in at 7:30 or some godawful time now!! :censored:


    Why do these pricks bother wasting the money: do you want to encourage motorcyclists or not? The parking of bikes there was probably the only thing that kept that area from turning into a full blown hobo city..


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  2. Bolt cutters late at night will fix that.
  3. That was my thought when I saw the padlocks there too..
    Alternatively we can just send in wave after wave of scooters to wear the chain down. They're the cannon fodder of the biking community surely?

    Or just one goldwing could reverse into the thing and tear the lot down. Hell, it's probably got pre-installed an electric boltcutter.
  4. WWCD

    What Would Calvin Do?

    I foresee some stupendous man action
  5. if it doesn't make the council money......... they don't like it,
  6. Send letters to the state government, mention all the normal things like congestion and green and carbon and blah blah blah, and talk about how the council is making it hard for riders for no benefit to the greater community send the same stuff to a bunch of news papers (Someone may publish it)
  7. It's probably council's way of saying, we have gone to great lengths to offer free on street parking ( to a degree) , so use it or lose the privilege.
    If a car was to have parked there everyday, somebody would have said something a long time ago, so as motorcyclists, we don't have any more rights to park there than anyone else.
  8. what a crock!

    I work in the building behind that and the bikes do not obstruct anything.
    Why remove them?
  9. they havent gone to any great lengths. this saved about 100 parking spots for bikes and it was quite orderly.

    as for a car parking there, what are you smoking? in what country do cars mount the footpath, nearly take out a sidewalk and park? the bikes did this with no issues for anyone walking by, i/e they were well out of the way and didn't disturb the sidewalk...
  10. For your information, I know exactly where this barrier has been put up.
    My comparison was made, being that it is the same road rules for motorcyclists as cars, trucks, e.t.c.
    Just because you ride, doesn't give you any reason to park on a footpath in sydney, even if you think it's ok as bikes are not in the way.
    If people stopped whinging about where they can and can't park, and actually started to do something, like even ring council and ask why they have put up the barrier, and put in a response, then things may get changed.
  11. Yea, I saw the balustrades go up last friday and today, the chain's up and the padlocks set. :(

    What a shame, I've been admiring the bikes whenever I walk pass during lunch time for the past 2 years. Now, it's bare like a an empty garage when you've sold you bike (and havent bought a replacement).
  12. apologies grange, it wasn't a personal attack but all the bikes that parked here were not in the way or on the footpath. they were well away from foot traffic or the general public and could not have caused any inconvenience to anyone.

    my point stands though, they have not gone to any lengths to accomodate more scooter/motorbike users. as for whingeing, thats not me, thats someone else :)

    re: talking to councils, i've got my own little crusade going here in manly which is progressing nicely. unlimited parking in 4 stations and 2 on road spots. more to come

    "how about getting on the team and coming in for the big win"?

    fmj - hue scene :p
  13. Pity I don't work in the city.

    Always looking for an excuse to try out the lock-picks.
  14. WTF???
    It is wasted space barricaded away like that and yet you just nod and say yes bend me over I want to take it again.
    For a moment lets just say your right why should bikes have different laws allowing them to just park where they want… Then mark it with some lines and throw up a sign saying “Designated Motorcycle parking, Please park within the lines” That way it costs less than all those poles and chain, and it serves the greater public good.
  15. ^^^ you do realise that parking on footpath in Sydney is illegal dont you? He isnt saying the laws shouldnt be changed, he's just saying that currently it's illegal, they were letting you get away with it, be grateful they didnt start fining everyone daily without anyone realising until the fines turned up.

    In fact he says get off your ass and start doing something instead of whingeing.
  16. Kind of looks a bit deserted now... lumps of concrete and a yellow chain just isn't the same.
  17. lilley to me it sounds like his approach is, "yes sir, can i have another".....

    where would we be if the apartheid protestors had taken the same approach, if gandhi had not fasted, if that lady had not led the selma bus boycott or iif consumers sat by and idly drank "new" coke? nowhere!

    I'm sick of being treated like a 2nd class citizen based on the vehicle i ride, i've got rights, I'm sick of it and i'm not going to take it anymore!
  18. why doesnt the OP and the 3 poster organise a NR resistance! Team up and WTFPWN the locks at night?

    We, here at uni, used to have the problem of scooters taking the motorbike parks :/ Its clearly marked "MOTORCYCLE" not "SCOOTER" I organised 2 people to campaign them! We left notes and after a while just started picking them up and moving them all over campus :/ :p
  19. :-s You're joking, right?
  20. + 1

    niven you better be joking.

    we never did that when i was there. let me guess, you're an engineering student?