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Sydney CBD parking

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by djay, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Can anyone tell me how difficult it is to find a legal motorcycle park in the CBD at various times e.g. 'you can park easy at 7am but don't bother at 10am ' etc?

    I read that last year they added more spots. Has it made a difference?

    My work is looking to move into the CBD and want to know how much to oppose it :-s
  2. Where abouts are you going to be parking?

    I know around the Bridge/Grosvenor sts, if you arrived after 815am you had to park in the 2hour spots. I got pinged there a couple of times so I'd recommend moving it religiously if you're late.

    Although if it's raining you can arrive as late as you want. ;)
  3. I think I would be around there yes. Do you know what it's like just before 8am? I tend to start at 8 so would be parking just before then. Would you say it's easy or an off chance I'd get an all day one?
  4. What do you guys think about parking in the city on Australia Day?

    Particularly the spot out Action MC, Elizabeth St.

    Reckon it might be worth using the secure paid parking just for that day?
  5. 8am you should be fine most days. I used to park at Harrington st. and the 3 parking areas I would use would usually fill up in this order:

    1. Lang park 8am
    2. Harrington st 815am
    3. Bridge st 820-830am
  6. You're welcome.

    Vic Larusso will know, ask him.
  7. I've gradually seen the number of bikes and scooters increase in the city over the past year.

    From my experience the bays around Jameson St and the Northern end of the city now seem to fill up by 7.30am - 8.00am.

    If you are going to ride in every day I would say you would need to be in around 7.30am at the latest to ensure a spot. The alternative would be to park in one of the 4hr zones (e.g. along Harrington St) and move the bike once or twice during the day.

    It would depend on where in the city you are located also.
  8. OK great. Thanks all (including 99CIBBER ;) )
  9. Nah, he absconded in the Ch7 traffic chopper and sold out to commercials!
  10. He was the Auctioneer at a house auction I went to a few months ago too...Finger in a few pies.

    Djay, cheers mate. :)
  11. Anyone know what the law (state, local or bylaw) is about parking multiple bikes in a single car space?
  12. I'm pretty sure that's fine in Sydney. As long as you adhere to the time limits etc.
  13. 1 bike, 1 space.

    You get free parking for a bike in the CBD if you park in a timed spot, only for the length of the time limit.
  14. So which one do they book if there are two?
  15. Good question, they go by the traffic rules as such, which is 1 vehicle per marked space.
    I guess if they are patrolling a section, and they have recorded a number plate on there PDA, they might know whom was there first.
    Maybe you can try it out and let us know the results....