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Sydney CBD and Motorcycle parking - Disgusting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Riderman, May 17, 2011.

  1. Rant:

    What is the use of all these green initiatives when they charge motorcyclists an arm to cross the Harbour bridge (should be free), and then when you get into the CBD, there are one strip of bike parking per 5 city blocks. Do they realise that one tower alone can have a few thousand people that work, and that a small strip to allow parking for only 20-30 bikes is simply not enough?

    Simple maths, there is 3-4000 people in my tower. If only 1 in 50 rode a bike, that's up to 80 bikes that require parking. Now multiple that by the amount of towers they have in the CBD and you find that even if people had a bike they wouldn’t be able to ride it to work because there’s simply no where to park.

    FFS this week I’ve seen rows of bikes with little yellow envelopes attached to them because they’ve parked on the pavement, close to a building, out of the way of pedestrians. Scum bag local council.
  2. 1. move to victoria
    2. park your bike on the footpath
    3. ????
    4. profit
  3. I can understand the frustration... I know I'm going to have fun when leaving work today.

    Went out for a ciggie at lunch and I noticed I now have a tiny scooter squeeze in the gap my fat ass has to squeeze into when getting on my bike. And even if I could get on my bike another scooter has parked in front of me (railings behind me). And put a lovely d lock through it's wheels. And it's parked across my front, not nose to tail... So even if I could get on I'm totally boxed in. Oh the fun of it :D
  4. here's what i do:

    leave early. use bus lane whole way in. arrive, get park, walk away laughing.

    buy the quarterly motorcycle pass for $90 p.q for unlimited crossing of bridge and harbour tunnel.

    dont move to Victoria. they are colder than us, have no speeding tolerance and have simon overland in charge of police...plus gayfl....why would you?
  5. I park on Thomas St near Broadway a bit and its ****ing impossible to get back on my bike with a backpack. So squashed.
  6. Yeah I was thinking of starting to commute on my bike but I only leave my apartment about 8:40ish...into the city in about ten mins but by then there is absolutely no parking left near my work (Governor Phillip tower) and I bet if I parked on the big flat area by the side of the building across the street where hardly any pedestrians walked I'd get a ticket. Very frustrating :(
  7. Any chance you can park in the basement, in an otherwise "unusable" spot? Spoken to the Garage/Security staff?
  8. Noticed a little red sticker slapped on a scooter outside the police museum at the quay today, looked like it said no parking here (riding past). Where it was, there is normally 10 bikes there, and has been for nearly 12 months, today - 2. Happy I get underground parking at work.
  9. Parking your motorbike in the city isn't a right, and if you want to pull the eco-card then you better be riding a push bike. There's what, 350 000+ people working in the cbd? you think we can fit bikes for all 1/50th of them? and then the couriers taxis and other commercial vehicles?

    I try to ride into the city when I can, but if I am starting work at 9 am I'm not silly enough to expect a park, so I ride a push bike, or catch the train. If I can be bothered getting out of bed early enough to get to the city by 8 I will gladly ride the moto and take a park from someone else starting at 9 :)

    Maybe you should try to organise more flexible work hours? getting in before 8 would make a big difference for you and make the rush hour a tiny bit better for everyone else :)

  10. STEP 1 - ALL government departments should relocate outside the city!

    STEP 2 - Do the Gillard move and tax businesses to change their behaviors, in this case, triple the taxes for companies and businesses who decide to locate in the city :)............tough love FTW.

    This way I could get a job closer to home and still have enough daylight after work to ride around to my hearts content.
  11. Dude, you live at Neutral Bay and you're thinking of riding? That ferry has your name on it, especially working in GPT. :nopity:
  12. I live at neutral bay and (dont have to as of tomorrow) commute to Bondi on either motorbike or pushbike.

    I can say that the Ferry is very, very expensive, though nice.

    Buses can take as long as walking to Milsons Point station and getting a train.

    Motorbike takes me 15 minutes to bondi junction (but about $10 in tolls each day, ****s)

    Pushbike takes 30 minutes to bondi, say 15 to the city?

    My point is, there are lots of options for people like us, don't just be restricted to one! It's nice to mix things up and ride the motorbike, catch the ferry, walk to the train, get a bus, etc to work. Keeps you on your toes!!!

    Where bouts in neutral bay?
  13. Buy a sachs Madass, take it up the lift and park it under your desk.
  14. What the what the??? Where do I find one of these? Paying minimum $80 a month in tolls at the mo.
  15. You have to go to the RTA (certain ones- Nth Sydney is one) and ask for the pass. They add it to your account and it zeros out all the charges from the tunnel or the bridge.

    You can only have one bike (and no cars) on the etoll to do this. You can only do it if you have an etoll tag (ie not roam pass etc).

    I have had major billing issues from the RTA etoll because of it though as they can't get their sh*t together. Its all manual when they put it on, so if they dont do it properly you still get billed. Trying to get money back out of them is like blood from stone.

  16. God dammit, why didn't I know about this when I was living on the dark side of the bridge and crossing it every day.
  17. I have a car and a bike on my current e-tag. Wonder if I can get another one and then have only the bike on that and do the quarterly thing?
  18. You can get another one but you will have to pay the deposit again.

    One thing I forgot to mention is that it is 3 months only from 01 Jan to 31 mar then 01 apr to 30 jun etc etc. If you go in now you will be issued with one only till the 30 jun, but if you are using it most days then it will be worth it. You can only buy a new one in the week before the start of the new term.

    Also its $95 not $90 but still heaps cheaper if you use it regularly.
  19. I bike across the bridge 5 days a week, so def worth it.
  20. incorrect champ. I have been buying this for the last 3 yrs....sometimes $90, sometimes $96....different quarters have more days hence a higher cost and a lower cost.

    also, if you buy into a 3 month period you get it pro-rated.

    you can now buy over the phone, ring the e-tag line and speak to someone about getting the motorcycle quarterly pass. or go to a few special RTA's that do this. north sydney, york st in sydney cbd, manly all do it, i dont know the others....you just need your etag details....

    it pays for itself in one month if you commute everyday...