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SYDNEY , Can L plate rider carry 1 passenger ?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by giga, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. I am L Plater , can I carry 1 passenger ? Or it is forbidden by law .

  2. No, you cannot.
  3. ...and get out of your L plate.
  4. I am not 100pct sure that it's the same rules as Victoria, but here you cannot carry a pillion until you are off your restrictions. Again, this may not be the case for NSW.
    A learner who commits driving offences may have their licence cancelled by a court
    or suspended or cancelled by the RTA. A learner licence can be suspended by the
    RTA for offences such as:
    • Riding a motorcycle which is not approved for use by novice riders.
    • Not wearing an approved motorcycle helmet.
    • Carrying pillion passengers.

    Before you carry passengers you must have held a motorcycle rider
    licence for at least 12 months (not including a learner rider licence).
    Learner and Provisional P1 riders cannot carry passengers.

    Source - RTA Motorcycle Riders Handbook
  6. .... I thought it was OK to carry 3!!....

  7. Genuine ROFL!!
  8. How do you get your L's and not know that...

    Glad your not a VIC rider.
  9. That was a pisser!
  10. I'm really tired, but I don't get it. What is so funny? I'm still trying to figure out if what Joel said made sense...or maybe the OP edited his post?
  11. Yeah, the OriginalPost was edited. It said originally something like "I am in my L plate...".

  12. Well Joel, being a mod, should change it back. How's he expected to be funny with people editing their posts all the time.
  13. What about if the pillion has a full bike license? Years ago that was OK.
  14. And now he is a L plate...

    Hipster - I think it's ok in some states (WA) as it's a requirement but I don't think it's allowed in NSW
  15. Thanks daiakuji. Just noticed today that the thread got replied to. :music:
  16. lol suicide!