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Sydney Bike Show - Parking Inspectors

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by orekin, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. If your looking for parking at the Sydney Motorcycle show look carefully for the signage.
    I saw a heap of cars and bikes parked in Murray Rose Avenue and no obvious signage so I parked my bike there.
    Got back to see inspectors tagging a heap of vehicles. They must have got a good 50 or so, including mine f$ck it.
    The no parking signs are very small and obscured by the barriers that have been put up for the V8 racing.
    Another thing I noticed was an undercover cop car just working the Olympic park area. Green commodore.

  2. did you get pics of the barriers ect obscuring the signs, if so appeal the fine, or at least write a letter stating those facts, can't hurt to try
  3. Why didn't you use the $5 Motorcycle parking right out the front of the hall??
  4. Looked like the parking on Murray Rose Av was free.
  5. We were walking out from the show last night after closing, and as we were crossing the street a couple of hoon cars were rounding the corner with the 2nd car's front passenger doing a full hang out of the window banging the roof and yelling happiness at us. Immediately behind was said green colour commodore, and of course immediately came on the lights and siren. $700+ worth of multiple fines for the passenger. Hilarious!
  6. Did you give them a round of applause, too? :p
  7. hi.
    round of applause from me also.