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Sydney Bike Scene

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rorider, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Hi guys, I'm from Toronto, Canada, but I might be moving to Sydney or Brisbane in a few months and live there for a while. Never been there b4. We have a pretty strong and united biker community up here.
    Was wondering what's the bike scene like down there? Can you ride your bike all year round? Is the bike insurance expensive? Are motorcycles commonly used for daily commute, etc?
    Would really appreciate some more info on this. Thanks a lot. Cheers.

  2. Welcome.

    Weather is great for riding all year around - certainly compared to what you get up there. Most Australian riders are recreational, and don't commute. Fuel prices aren't high enough to justify it and the traffic doesn't move -too-badly compared to some parts of the world. However it is changing, and before I moved a few months ago a lot guys were getting too and from work on what seemed to be DR's or KLR's etc.

    The Dirtbike scene is still a massive part of the market.

    Rego and insurance is about the same as a car. I've got a single cylinder 400 and I'm male and 22. Costs me about $100 a year for rego and around $700 for insurance on a bike worth around $12k. I've got a completely clean record.

    Don't worry about going to Brisbane though, it's shithouse. Sydney's a nice place.
  3. Thanks a lot for the info man. Well, it does sound pretty sweet to me. I'd be riding my bike everyday if I could and it looks like down there, it is possible.
    I can tell you right now that the insurance rates there are much lower than in Toronto. Here we pay an average of about $1100/year.
    +1 for moving there just for that. :)
    Why r u saying that Brisbane is shit? From looking on Google Maps, it looks pretty close to all the nice beaches and fun spots, plus it's warm and nice almost all year right?
  4. brisbane is dull if you like a variety of nightlife / concerts / great restaurants... However Sydney and Melb have all of these in spades.

    Bris is good for searing hot summers and beaches, but not much else. oh it has a casino. wooo.
  5. Brisbane is OK, a bit too warm for my liking. The Sydney bike scene is great, particularly amoungst the netrider crew. A lot more bikes commuting but it is like any big city, things can get a bit hairy out there, particularly in peak hour. Personally, I think Sydney beaches are better than Brisbane beaches too. The only down side about Sydney is that it is quite expensive to live here.
  6. Brisbane summers are hot and humid and the occasional heavy downpour. On the plus side it's a lot easier to get out of town to good riding roads than it is in Sydney - on the negative side it's full of Queenslanders (quite a lot of whom I'm related to :p )

    I was born in Sydney and I've lived in 4 states and the ACT. Out of a choice between Brisbane and Sydney - take Brisbane every time... :LOL:
  7. O'RLY!? Around 40 minutes travel from the CBD gets you a choice of 3 pretty decent loops.
  8. Sydney has it all!!!

    great night life, great weather, great traffic (most of the time), great beaches and outdoor activities....AND our casino sh!ts all over brisbanes...
  9. If u want to make this into a slag off brisbane/ Qld thats fine just remember that the only good thing to come out of Sydney is the Road.
  10. Hey bro,

    How about I just reverse your question and ask the same things :grin: I'm moving to Toronto in May(ish) for 12 months. Can you answer your own Q's for me also? Send me a PM if you like.

  11. Its funny how South East Quensland is the number one growth area in Australia isn't it. Near perfect year round weather and lifestyle

    Its the jealous Sydney people that are stuck in their hole that do all the whinging. The smart people from the south are all moving to Brisbane and SE Queensland
  12. welcome rorider!

    first of all this forum is very victorian and NSW dominated so there is going to be a bias towards them :p

    now to defend Briz-Vegas! and Gold Coast!

    Great weather all year round with fairly predictable weather patterns unlike melb where it have four seasons in a day!! Winter is not that cold and prefectly rideable weather. It does get quite warm up here but then again i don't mind it! plus fuel is cheaper here than the Melb and Sydney :p

    Sydney,Melbourne is like any other major city in the world- Sydney more so!
    Crowded and getting more, fast paced lifestyle, ruder people--> typical major city!

    Gold Coast has great beaches- beats Bondi any day-! some great surf spots here! haha ( waits to get flamed) and a decent party scene! and about an hour's drive from Brisbane CBD. There are a TON of Canadians on the Gold Coast becuase of Bond University- they all come here and love it.

    I can't really comment about Northside of Brisbane but the southside is pretty good- growing at a decent pace yet still pretty easy going!!!

    I guess its what kind of lifestyle you looking for! Brisbane is up can coming, easy going lifestyle! :p Melb and Sydney are crowded and horrible weather!
  13. I just moved up from Melbourne but it will always be home to me.
  14. Thanks a lot for all the info and the advice. I guess you can always count on fellow riders for a bit of help. :)
    I'll still have to do some more research on both locations, but a fairly important thing would also be the job market. Me and my buddies that are joining me in Australia are all web development/technology experts, so from the research I've done so far, Sydney would be a better place for finding contract work in this field.

    Dougz, now to answer my own questions about Toronto. Well, the biker community in the Greater Toronto Area is fairly big I guess. We are pretty united, we even have the wave and all. There's a lot of organized rides during the spring and summer months and you can definitely ride your bike for about 6-7 months a year from marchapril to about the end of Oct.
    The downside is that is pretty dangerous, maybe more than any other big city. The cagers are not very aware of the bikers and they have a tendency of merging into your lane or making a left turn right in front of you. Also, this year a new law has been passed that if you're doing 50 kms over the speed limit, your licence is suspended on the spot togheter with your bike(impounded for two weeks I belive) and you're hit with a max. of 10k fine.
    Using your motorcycle for commuting is not very common but gaining in popularity more and more every year. Also parking in the city of Toronto is free for motorcycles, which is pretty sweet.
    The insurance rates are also pretty high, especialy on supersports. Besides this, it's all good :) Lots of incredible riding roads and tracks.
    And if you want to get in contact with the GTA biker community here's our forum www dot gtamotorcycle dot com
  15. I used to work as a designer also, and while there will be enough work in Syd, I think Melbourne is the better place to go for this kind of work. There are a lot of studios down there and if comparing states I'd say Melbourne do some real good work.

    But you'd have to live there. Not for me.

    I live in south Sydney, near Cronulla beaches. Sure it was the site of the 05 riots :), but I can't ever see that happening again. Most of the people involved in the violence were from outside the shire anyway!

    Seriously though, I'd look at Syd. Qld is beautiful (not Brisbane city, it's boring and characterless) but you'll get more work in Syd and it's still beautiful.

    My 2c.