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Sydney bike photographer site?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by NiteKreeper, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Can someone please remind me of the site where the Sydney photog posts his pictures of bikes?
    You know the one, he goes out on weekends photographing heaps of bikes, then you can search for them on his site by your rego and buy the pics...

    I may even throw a "Nod" your way, as distasteful as that is to me...

  2. was looking for this myself..
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  3. I think that's it, thanks Kingy.
    I nodded and now I feel dirty because I know you ride a cruiser.
  4. bahahahahahahaha its all good man we all ride the same black tar we all ride on two wheels and we all share the same wind...
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  5. I'm proud to have made it to his featured photos on facebook twice.
  6. ive ridden everywhere and never seen this bloke... does he have a sign out saying he is taken photos or anything like that...
  7. Yeh he puts a sign the corner before usually. I've only come across him 3 times in a few years. If you follow his page on Facebook he'll post up roughly where he'll be each weekend.

    Here's a couple of my ones;

  8. Can't even find my old photos on that site anymore :(
  9. How much they cost ??
  10. About 25-30 bucks, you normally get 3-4 few different shots.
  11. Hey Marty, did we (Paul & myself) see you on the Ol' Pac last Saturday?
  12. Nope can't have been me. I don't have the Daytona anymore BTW