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Sydney Bicycle Lanes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MrChicken, May 5, 2009.

  1. So, I see the new bicycle lane has opened on King Street in the Sydney CBD.

    The first rider I see in the lane - some tool on a scooter - and he ran the lane’s red light. I have to turn across the lane and it’s easy to imagine some pushie (or apparently, scooter) running the red and collecting me. At least when they’re in the main traffic stream you can keep an eye on them. I don’t mind the idea of bicycle lanes, but this is absolutely going to end in grief
  2. Each time i go into the CBD it's complete mayhem with people running out into traffic to cross the road. Then you have to deal with the cars doing all sorts of dodgy stuff, bicycles, motorbikes etc.

    Just do your own thing mate and go with the flow :wink:
  3. King Street is a complete shitfight regardless of what cyclists are doing on it.

    It is to be avoided at all costs, or negotiated as quickly as possible on a motorcycle.
  4. the first time i rode in the bicycle lane in vic, i had a copper on a BMW tell me off. now i just wait rather then use the bicycle lane.
  5. i feel any bike should be able to use those lanes ....
    i had a incident recently where a group of cyclists were in the bike line at a set of lights. Due to the traffic i was sitting in i too decided to pull up along side them. while waiting for the lights to change one of them proceeded to tell me that bike lanes are only for push bikes not motorcycles. i responed by saying as soon as he is prepared to pay registration and insurance to ride his bike, the lane is more my right than his.
  6. Saw some douche bag on a scooter last week riding sloooowwww in the bicycle lane down here, and a guy on a pushie went off his tree behind him! Yelling at the top of his voice! He then merged into traffic, went around the scooter and stopped in front of him only to get hit up the rear by the scooter! Was a classic event...
  7. I don't mind the lanes being just for pushbikes provided they're used correctly. My experience in town is that pushbike riders, almost without exception, run red lights at intersections. At least they're in front of you in plain sight when they do it, but this won't be the case when it happens from a bicycle lane. As I mentioned in the OP, anyone turning across a bicycle lane is going to have an incident sooner or later with a cyclist running their red.

    I don't see any reason a motorbike should use them though. The potential speed difference is a danger for cyclists and also for motorists who are not going to expect a motorbike to appear from a bicycle lane. I think we'd all be much happier if bicycles had their own lanes and stuck to them.

    The King Street lane is separated from the main traffic lanes by a median strip, so there's no issue of slipping in and out of the lane. Once you're in, you're in. You can really only exit at a shared intersection and I presume that's why they have their own traffic lights.
  8. LMAO :LOL:

    Most cyclists are a bunch of hypocrits. They get pissed when someone uses their 1m wide lane to get to the front of the lights yet don't care taking up a car lane, doing half the speed limit causing massive traffics jams :roll:

    I love the sport but it's a breeding ground for w@nkers.
  9. My border and her bf are both avid cyclist. They're always on about how they're a vehicle and road user and how this and that they should give way to them. When I was doing that stuff semi-pro rule No. 1 is that if it's bigger and harder than you are it has right of way. Meaning that I could only smash past school children and other pedestrians.
  10. Indeed... Riding in the CBD in general is always a test of your wit and skill
  11. Most car drivers are a bunch of hypocrits too; they get pissed that some cyclists break road rules left, right and centre, but expect cyclists to illegally ride on the footpath rather than slowing the cars down by abiding the law and using a road lane. ;)

    Now, running red lights and stop signs is a total no-no in my books and I don't do it myself, but holy shit is the road infrastructure and road law terrible for cyclists in most places, especially the CBD of a city.

    You've got the choice of either riding on the footpath illegally and bowling some pensioner over, or going toe-to-toe with 1.5+ tonne vehicles on roads optimised entirely for cars, without sliplanes (because the road's been widened to cram as many cars as they can onto the road), and where they do have sliplanes they're entirely clogged with badly parked cars that force you into traffic anyway, and you don't have a 50 horsepower engine to let you match speeds with traffic.

    Frankly, I take the footpath option where I can. Sure, it's illegal to ride on the footpath, but that way car drivers don't get pissed that I'm slowing them down and it's safer for me allround. Commuting to work on a bicycle is a fcuking death sentence unless you take some measures for your own safety.

    Cyclists are stuck between a rock and a totally fcuked place.

    (Edit: Don't mind me, I've just started cycling to work again for fitness, so I've been freshly reminded of just how goddamn dangerous and inconvenient to car users all of the possible routes to work are from my house if I behave to the letter of the law.) :?
  12. They can have the lane i helped pay for all to themselves after they pay rego and insurance. Untill then learn to share.
  13. Not that incorrect belief again.

    Rego payers don't own that road, Australian taxpayers do. :roll:
  14. Not bike (bicycle) lanes.
    It’s actually the ‘door zone’.
    No car would be expected to drive that close to parked cars, but squeezing in pushies running cable rim brakes, well thats OK?
  15. Just FYI I used to race at the veledrome and spent a lot of time training doing upwards of 600km a week.

    Been there. Done it. Met lots of wankers in the club community. Not all bad but there definitely seemed like more snobs/wankers than other sports. The road rules we used to break on pack rides was crazy. An accident waiting to happen.

    The footpath excuse from cyclists is just that, an excuse. On weekdays if i cycled to work i would ride 4km on the footpath to get to the M2. I cruised along always giving way for pedestrians by riding on the grass. Never hit anyone, never got abused, never got fined or arrested. I did this for years, honestly it's a cop out from cyclists. If they want to think like d1ckheads and ride in peak hour on main roads, by all means go ahead. When they eventually get hit, and they WILL, they won't get any sympathy from me.

    Sydney isn't bicycle commute friendly. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone because of the danger involved. If you want to get hellishly fit with little time spent on the bike, i suggest you head out to some mountains and climb like a demon :twisted:
  16. I used to commute on my mountain bike. I pretty much rode on the foot paths most of the time except on the smaller streets where I would ride on the road.

    When I got the motorbike, people told me that I've got a deathwish. I tell them I had more close calls on the pushbike than the motorbike on the way to work.
  17. I think the real reason the road becomes dangerous for push bikes is the attitude of other motorists. In many cities throughout europe push bikes are a great mode of transport because the culture of road users is that they look out for pedestrians and bikes. In Sydney people get the sh!ts if a pedestrian or cyclist slows them down.

    I don't ride in bike lanes because they have been put there to give cyclists the space that many motorists refuse to give them.
  18. Incorrect?

    I pay tax, i also pay to use the road.

    Once they pay to use the road like i do, they can have a bit of it. :p
  19. Actually, many bike riders have cars, and pay tax, rego, etc... Should they receive a refund for using a lower impact vehicle compared to your motorbike?

    Also, people scream for "motorbike lanes"..but piss and moan about such a lane for another, more vulnerable group of road users.

    If you stir up enough of a fuss, the "bike lane" will be used as a test case to throw "motorcycle lanes" out the window due to community unrests.

    food for thought.
  20. [/quote]

    I pay tax, i also pay to use the road.

    Once they pay to use the road like i do, they can have a bit of it. :p[/quote]

    The only hole in that argument is that most cyclist also own a car and therefore pay rego as well :p

    edit: damn I'm too slow, was beaten to the punch :)