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Sydney - Batemans Bay - Canberra

Discussion in 'NSW' started by MotoTraveler, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. I am heading down to Canberra for the weekend to see a mate. Plan to leave Saturday morning to Batemans Bay and then to Canberra via Kings Hwy. Weather permitting.

    You are welcome to come along for the full or part of the leisurely run. I will be in no rush to get there and will enjoy the views as much as the windy roads.

    Here's the map - http://goo.gl/maps/MDSCP
  2. at about what time will you be getting to Wollongong?

    Can I suggest a slight variation for windy roads, go up Macquarie Pass and down Jamberoo Pass through Jamberoo and rejoin the Princes Highway at Kiama???
  3. Thanks Hornet - I've updated the map to include Macquarie Pass. I should be in Wollongong around 8:30 - 9am. Might even be little earlier.
  4. I might join you for a while, then :)
  5. Dammit id totally join you then sheer of to Nowra to see my grandparents but my bike is in the shop getting not a service but new oil..oil filter etcetc just cause i can brand new spark plugs (just bought the bike)

    :(( depressed now


    in a few weeks im going to do what Hornet suggested and

    :)) but not to confident going on windy roads at speed :(
  6. Still happening?

    I'll be at the Hungry Jacks at the top of the hill at Yallah, before you head down the hill into Albion Park Rail.

    Around 8:15 onwards....
  7. Yes hornet, it's definitely on. I'll see you there around 8:30.
  8. Anyone who goes down jamberoo pass at any sort of speed has a death wish.
  9. amen to that, Lilley, I only use the road when the Macquarie Pass is so clogged up with trucks and numpties that it will take an hour to get home....
  10. It was awesome riding through the Mac pass and Kangaroo Valley. Thanks hornet for the company.

    The highlight was the Kings Hwy - about 100kms of high speed curves. Hardly any cars and surprisingly, saw only about 3 bikes. Not many of you go there?
  11. My pleasure, which way did you come home?
  12. I took the freeway back.