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Sydney - Australia's new Arse-End

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Justus, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. Sydney: Citizens leave in droves

    By George Megalogenis
    December 31, 2007 12:05am

    * Sydney losing young people to interstate migration
    * Figures show dramatic realignment of nation

    SYDNEY is shedding 22,000 citizens a year to all parts of Australia,
    and for the first time the people deficit covers all key groups, from
    students and young singles to families and retirees making her the
    nations latest arse-end.


    The nation's biggest city is the only capital to lose more people aged
    15-34 than it gained from interstate migration between 2001 and last
    year, and is the only capital apart from Adelaide to also go backwards
    for both professional and blue-collar workers.

    New official data eveals a dramatic realignment in the nation's make-
    up as young and old alike criss-cross the continent from Perth to
    Melbourne and from Sydney to the "rest of" Queensland - everywhere
    outside the capital city.

    Hobart is the surprise packet, rising to third place behind Brisbane and
    Perth as the most popular city destination for interstate migrants, while
    the rest of Tasmania has leapt to second behind the rest of Queensland
    on the regional growth ladder.

    The rest of Victoria and the rest of NSW are also in the black - breaking
    the past pattern in which they gave up more people to Queensland than
    they received in seachange and treechange retirees from Melbourne and

    The bigger picture shows that the rest of Queensland has replaced the
    state's capital as the nation's top people magnet, gaining 14,000 people
    a year compared with Brisbane's 10,000 a year.

    The customised tables were extracted from the 2006 census, and track
    interstate migration over the past five years by age and qualification.

    The latest census shows 111,400 more people left Sydney than arrived
    from elsewhere in Australia between 2001 and last year. This is almost
    double the rate of defection between 1996 and 2001, when 59,700
    people left Sydney in net terms. Every capital, state and territory is
    officially an importer of Sydneysiders, the data confirms. Four out five
    Sydney defectors moved to the rest of NSW (46,500), the rest of
    Queensland (27,800) or Brisbane (18,700).

    Full Story: http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,22988823-2,00.html
  2. I'd want to get out there as well......
  3. Are they looking for more affordable housing?
  4. We're not losing people; wer'e improving the quality of OTHER places by exporting people :LOL:.

    Of course it's about affordable housing; average rents in Sydney are in the $350 a week range, and many young couples are working three jobs to pay $1,000 a week and more for a mortgage; who WOULDN'T want to get out of that situation???
  5. Housing prices. It's the reason i'm looking to get out of sydney
  6. 'New' arse end? :?

    :LOL: :p
  7. Come to Wollongong, mate, housing is affordable, and we have much nicer riding roads :wink:.
  8. Yep, and you can get away with marrying your second cousin down there.

    I've recently made the move from Sydney to Melbourne. Now i'm locked in for a year. The grass is always greener...
  9. :rofl:
    News travels slow up that way I guess. :p
  10. I'm one of them! 5 days to go. I'm in the process of doing changes of address and insurances and holy refund cheque Batman, I can't believe how much less insurance is in Canberra. Based on the refund amount and about 6 months to go on my policy, my car insurance has gone from about $1500 to $700! My contents insurance has also halved. Bike insurance hasn't dropped quite so dramatically but I'm still getting decent refund cheques.

    So lets see:
    - more affordable housing
    - significantly lower cost of living
    - no tolls!
    - better roads
    - no Iemma Mafia government
    - less traffic congestion = easier commute
    - less queues in all things
    - less racial tension

    I'm surprised the place isn't totally emptying leaving only new immigrants.
  11. Yes but.. its canberra.. :LOL:

    There are waaay too many people in sydney for the infrastructure to be able to cope properly/at all much longer. Even the roads themselves just won't be able to handle the extra bods in 10 years, unless theres some SERIOUS developments very very soon..
  12. That's true, it is Canberra but Sydney isn't all that far if I need to see a concert or whatever. Melbourne isn't that much further either.

    The roads in Sydney are a good example of the corrupt mismanagement that is seen as acceptable government in this state. The state government absolves a bulk of the responsibility to an organisation that is entirely unresponsive to the wishes of the people - the RTA. That way when something gets screwed up they can blame each other and diffuse the issue. When it comes to infrastructure, look at the arrangements put in place for the new major roads. They agree to contracts based on which tenderer has the biggest upfront slush fund payment. And to get that money back over the life of the contract, they sign up to the reduction of the lanes on non-toll arterial roads such as Epping road in an effort to increase traffic flow in the tunnels that are already a parking lot during peak hour. And how about the compensation clause to the company should public transport improvements decrease traffic flows! It is disgusting.

    But the bit that really shows me the audacity of the government was when the Lane Cove Tunnel was put in, they agreed to a toll on the 200m on-ramp from Falcon Street(non-toll) heading North onto a non-toll road. That should have been a general public works effort and should not be tolled! But they figured they could get away with it.
  13. For those fleeing the new arse end of the world, come to Melbourne - the Land of Milk & Honey! We have better beer... VB... hahahaha!
  14. the rate that they are leaving, means it wont be long til the roads can cope ;)
  15. not to mention the opportunity to contribute to the general revenue of the government if you happen to take your eyes off your speedo for two seconds :roll:.

  16. Really?
    I think the truth is grossly exaggerated up there.
  17. What roads dude?

    Canberra is all roundabouts. Plenty of right-hand knee-down
    action coming your way mate [​IMG]
  18. as a bloke that travels a lot.
    sydney couldnt sustain its growth due to the construction boom of the olympics, it was bound to "self-level" eventually.
    statistics, schmatistics.
    sydney is, as i said, just self-leveling after a massive influx ;)
    that said, ive done melbourne, canberra, sydney, adelaide, darwin and most regional centers between, and they all have their pro's and cons.
    i am aiming to do perth and brisbane in the near future.
    however, mogo is where its at people ;)
  19. So much that when doing 100k's you can't blink because you'll
    next see the town in ya mirrors? :?

  20. Well I'm just quoting what lots of Victorian rides complain about all the time here on Netrider, smee. Here in NSW there are fixed cameras, with three huge warning signs preceding them, pretty obvious Police cars which park on the side of the road with a camera and a sign saying they're there, and the like. If you get done for speeding here, it's pretty much your own fault.

    If what riders say about Victoria isn't exaggerated, you seem to be able to be booked anywhere at any time for as little as 3kms, or less than speedo error, over the limit. It SEEMS you guys have it a lot tougher down there than we do here, that's all I was saying.

    I'm not getting into a Sydney/Melbourne debate; as you know I lived down there for some years, my son was born in Yarra Junction Hospital and I love Victoria :).