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Sydney - Anyone able to look at a bike for me?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by MissCheevius, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Hey! Im interested in a bike Ive seen for sale just North of Syndey (near Manly).
    Wondering if anyone would be able to have a look at it for me, tell me if its a dud or not.
    I will PM details to anyone that might be able to help!

    And ill tf some beer money to ya too.

  2. is it a yellow vtr?
  3. no bikes in adelaide? :)
  4. Bikes in Adelaide are pretty overpriced. Maybe i will buy new, lol.
    However, no longer need anyone to look for me.
    Cheers anyway!
    P.S. No, not a yellow vtr :S
  5. what type of bike are you looking at getting?
  6. Not 100% sure.
    Wasnt even looking for a bike for me when i saw the one i was contemplating. Was looking for a learner bike for someone else!
    Have always thought my next bike would come from interstate tho. Got some great mates that are always keen for a roadtrip - bike or car.
    Guess i had better test ride more and narrow my list... maybe then i will work out what i want!
  7. I'm about 3ks from manly pm me the details if you still need someone and i could probably have a look for you this week end.

    Cheers Damo
  8. I should have read this post properly first time around.](*,)