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Sydney Airport bike parking

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Anyone know any tips ??

    I'm just assuming Park'n'Fly is the way to go and pay the same rate as cars. But does anyone know if there is a discount on bikes or another parking area where you can park your bike over the weekend or longterm ???

    ta !
  2. You know that the boom gates on the exit at the airport carpark don't go all the way across, right?....
  3. Cameras all over though...
  4. I was at the 'new' pick up car park lot and the gates won't open. I got off and asked the guard which was at the front of the driveway and was told that the gate doesn't recognize bike weights and told me to get in however I can. I asked if he meant for me to go up the footpath and he pointed to some bikes already inside the parking lot and said 'they got in somehow'. So I went up the walkway and into the lot.

    As I got off there was another guard that came my way. I stopped him and asked how bikes gets in and he said 'same way you did'. I don't think he was sarcastic either because he went on his merry way.
  5. Sorry, I was meant to say Domestic terminal.

    I found on an obscured website that there is space for 20 bikes directly across the VirginBlue departure entry, however its unofficial and the guards don't seem to care. I might to a recon during the week and check it out.

    It sucks how it costs twice more to park your bike at the long term parking as compared to a flight to Melbourne ! :eek:
  6. Melbourne Airport allow motorbike parking for free: they expect you to ride around the boom gates, and have an area dedicated for bikes on the northern end of the lower level. No limit on the time that you can park =D>

    Have you contacted Sydney Airport and asked them? That's what I did with Melbourne Airport, and they were very helpful (y)
  7. Hi All,

    Can anyone confirm that it's still free motorbike parking at Sydney airport domestic and/or international departures? These posts are two years old now and I can't find any info on the airport's website. I'm only going on a Sunday afternoon, returning Monday morning so will be parked less than 24 hours, but will be overnight.