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Sydney 10000k service for 2001 Gixxer600

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by janus, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. Hi All, Long time reader first time poster ;)

    I need to get the first service done on my 2001 gsxr600, I bought it 2nd hand with 9000k's on it, and it's now at 10000. I've called a couple of places and been quoted $450 for this service. To me the price seems a bit steep, anyone have any recommendations on where I could get it done cheaper, or is this the normal price?

    Also the trip computer buttons don't work at all on the dash, that coupled with the fact that all the fairing's are all in pristine condition leads me to think the bike might have been raced before I got my hands one it. I was told it was owned by a guy who rarely rode it, then the person I bought it from (who'd bought it from the original owner) only put 200k's on it before selling as they apparently had to pay for a pegoda on their house. There isn't any stain marks in the coolant reservoir though, which is something I've been told race bikes often have since they use water..

    Anyway, cheers for any input, look forward to attending some ride days :)
  2. I was told by a dealer that you get the GSXR serviced every 6,000 ks?
  3. Really? Will have to look into that. Being that I've just bought the thing 2 months ago, I'd like to get a full service done just to make sure it's all good..
  4. For my 2c worth you can't go past Mick Dyer out at penrith ($900 for minor service, replace steering head bearing, replace clutch slave cylinder fit & supply BT020 rear on a Suzi RF900) if you're out west, down south apparently RB Racing at Taren Pt, north try Lloyd Penn at Artarmon.

    But whatever you do don't go to Sydney City motorcycle at liverpool unless you want the bike to run like crap, have chips in your paintowrk from dropped tools and part with an arm & leg!
  5. Workshop manaul for the RF900 also based on 6000k increments
  6. For Jap bikes, Lloyd Penn, Artarmon.

    Not the cheapest, not the most expensive, but good & honest.

    Do a search here for reviews on him.
  7. Thanks Guys.
  8. BTW, if you tell Lloyd your concerns about the bike being a pre-race bike, he'll confirm/deny it when he checks it out.

    You prob will have a bit of wait to get it serviced though, peak riding season and Lloyd does get booked out.
  9. thanks, I'll give Lloyd a call
  10. Well they confirmed it's 12000k's the service is due, around $400-450. Since I just bought the bike they said I can get a full check and oil + oil filter changed for $150, or just a full check over to make sure it's all ok for $100.. think I'll just wait the extra 2000k's though, it's going well enough to wait for a service I guess.
  11. $400-$450 for a 12,000k service :shock: My K5 1000 cost $300 at PTR in Melbourne and i thought that was a bit steep! :?
  12. Where's PTR? I just got an 02 gixxer 600 and it's 12,000k service will be due in another 1500k's. As I haven't had it for too long I'm keeping my eye out for a reliable, decent place to get it serviced when the time comes.


  13. Yea...they kick ass.
  14. Hi Janus, and welcome to the active part of the forum. It might help refine your search if you tell us where in Sydney you are (north, west, etc?) It's a big place and you don't necessarily want to be riding for an hour and a half to get a service.....
  15. https://netrider.net.au/linksdir/view.php?cid=26

    Phil Tainton Racing in Wantirna.
  16. Thanks mate, it will be a little bit out of my way once our house is built (Pt Cook), but good to know there is somewhere to go if I can't find anyone a bit closer.



    [Edit : I didn't see the thread title get changed to Sydney, just ignore me :) ]