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[Syd] Yamaha R6 Bike stolen!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ksystemz, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. Bike was just stolen from my secruity carpark, well done on the secruity part! If anyone sees a Blue Yam r6 with a netrider number plate cover and a D&D exhurst plz ring the cops the number plate it ver26!

    From homebush also in sydney!
  2. :mad:

    Thats not good news.

    Fingers crossed ...
    ... FKN parasites
  3. Re: Bike stolen!

    aww man that's no good :cry: my baby was stolen nearly 3 months ago (but got a replacement finally from insurance just over a week ago) I know your pain....

    :( that really really sucks, best of luck with it and I hope the guys write themselves off (pref not with your bike)
  4. yer sux lucky for full comp! dont have to pay a cent !
  5. aww I had to pay $650 excess, and then when I got the new bike the tried to shaft me with a $1900 premium (up over $500 from my last premium)

    so changed from Swann to QBE $1500 premium and an extra $300 excess for any claim because I had a bike stolen :(

    sucks being charged extra for something not my fault :(

    hope you get a new bike before summer really sets in
  6. Any cameras or the like in this “Secure†carpark that could have information that could help the police?
  7. That's rotten luck, matti. Make sure you tell the insurance guys about the 'security' parking :roll:.
  8. No cameras due to the body corporate saying no. instead they get new buzzers to get into the units here. screwed up the wall. thing is there is another bike which is easily accesable to steal but they brake into my garage and steal it. now i have to notify the other bike person
  9. Doesn’t help you now, but for future reference if there is any power available, there are now wireless security cameras available They may not transmit of out the concrete block that is a parking garage, but could be worth looking into
  10. sucks major balls mate, was a sweet bike! Here's hoping the btards get what's comin to em :evil:
  11. thats no good mate.... I live on the central coast so I will keep an eye out up here for you.

  12. i have a feeling i no who it was coz they need access into my secruity parking, some dogy guy imma walk up to when i see him
  13. prob in pieces by now, they dont steal bikes for joy rides like cars, that sux, time to upgrade to 09 model eh, i just got the 08
  14. too scared to keep it there now, i see no point! but yer upgrading for sure! maybe a ducati
  15. Bloody maggots, hope they DIAF (...for those that don't know...die in a fire).

    All the best in finding a replacement...Ducati sounds like a good upgrade ;)

    phong =P~
  16. DIAF hey? thats a new one.. Nice visual

    GEBAS - Or maybe they could suffer this fate... I reckon thats just as bad... (Clue, First word 'Get' - fourth word 'A')

    ksystemz, sorry to hear your bikes gone - that hollow angry feeling is shizen.. But your still here and in one piece ready to start over, so thats a good thing.
  17. Get entertained by a slut?
    Get enjoyment buying a sled?
    Get engrossed browsing a site?
  18. hahah!! your imagine is much more vivid than mine.


    G et
    E aten
    B y
    S hark

    So, I hope who ever stole that bike, if they sell it for money and then decide to take a little holiday to the beach with the dirty cash flow, then suffers GEBAS

    hrrrmmmphhff to them!!!!
  19. i have just been interviewed by the investgatot, i think this took 2 hrs more taking pics and such! giving him all my information and proof where i have been and such!

    Thing is nothing is going too happen for 3 weeks though with qbe i should be able to get a replacement bike? anyone done this
  20. ksystemz,

    real sorry to hear about your bike being stolen. Stinks.
    Hope the claim goes through quick and you can get that Duc.