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[SYD] - WSID Bike Night 6/12/06

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. hey 'all . . .

    Some of us are going to Eastern Creek WSID.
    Some of us are also competing. :p

    The rumour is . . . .

    There will be a FJ1100, 620ie and a GPX250 having a bit of fun ! ;)

    If you don't believe the GPX250 bit . . . . look here . . .


    We have not worked out times meeting there yet.
    But some are also spectating.

    I think we'll make this the first Wednesday of the month gathering.
  2. I have always wanted to try out the Warrior at the drags, it doesnt make a good track bike, but it would be great for straight line stuff.

    Mickyb, do you have any info on these events?

    What do I need to wear?
    How much is it?
    What time does it start?
    I am in Sydney, out near Windsor, is it far from there?
    Where can I get some more info on these nights?
  3. Excuse me if I'm a bit last year here, but....
    Isn't this someone we know?!
  4. come out on the 6th !
    Or even meet up at a social gathering, surely one is coming up soon.
    Student of Insanity knows the details . . . thats her on the GPX !! :eek:

    I'm thinking of using the Duc, i have not done it before !

    Well actually I have, I've dragged my MY01 WRX at WSID a couple of years ago. . . . lol
  5. double post ?
  6. Good timing mate. I held off for a day and then ended up stating the obvious just as you posted this. :LOL:
  7. So how do I find out more about drag racing my bike?
    How do I get in touch with Student of Insanity?
    Is there a website with the info, on what I will need to bring/wear?
  8. what ?
    That in a previous life before bikes I was a ram-raiding hoon ? :rofl:


    LOL, I think i've grown up since then . . . . . . .
    (yeah right . . chrissie says !!! hahahahah)
  9. I am in for this one!

    Are P riders allowed to hammer down the straight!

  10. dude, go to www.wsid.com.au

    fj1100, tim from Orange is doing it !!
    He has to borrow some leathers !! hahahahaha

    Tim !! . . . . . YOUR SQUIDDING DAYS ARE OVER BOY !!!!!

    Stephen !!
    Lindy was doing it on her L's !!!


    I think you need a challenger !
    hmmmm, Ktulu ??? Scrambles ??? . .. . or just take on Lindy on her mean GPX !! :eek: . . c'mon Stephen, we won't publish is if you get beaten by a chic ! :LOL:
  11. HOON, you say Warrior, do you mean Road Warrior ??? that 1700cc thing ?

    Dude, you'll have fun taking on the Harleys dragging !!
  12. Yeah mate I got a big Yammy.
  13. What's wrong with the Lowes $10 business shirt? He couldn't possible hit pavement wearing that because if he started to fall, the ground would move out of the way to avoid contact with such an item. Remember, flying is the art of throwing yourself at the ground and missing! :LOL:
  14. Im up for this and have raced before all you need is an approved jacket,jeans,helmet,gloves and motorbike boots or the equivalent to.Should be a fun night.You dont need rego papers unless you are racing someone elses bike.$45 to race you get about 7 passes depending on how many cars are there.
  15. Hi there fellow drag queens *ahem*

    This event is a bike and car drag night and is held at WSID the first wednesday of every month.

    They only allow 200 vehicles to enter and its first in best dressed, apparently you need to show up at 4.30 and lane split up the middle to the gates and get in before the hoons in Subarus (or Suzukis as I like to call em) get there.

    Cost is $45 and I think that includes a spectator or pitt person entry?

    depending on the number of bikes there on the night you should get a few passes for your money.....spectating is also a blast!

    I did it on my Ls but they dont allow learners anymore :( I am sure you could do it on Ps though.

    You need to wear an approved helmet, motorcycle gloves and boots, a good motorcycle jacket (cordura or leather) and good motorcycle pants (Kevlar or leather) it doesnt absolutely have to be leather UNLESS you are doing a time better than 10.5 seconds!

    That rules me out cos Cartman has yet to break the illusive 16 second barrier :shock: ....maybe this is his time, surely his sexy new cans will give him a few milliseconds advantage?

    As for further information....The lovely young Ali 600 of netrider TV fame has provided a link to this flyer


    Lets have a good netrider showing...

    Im gonna be there anyway!!!

  16. Lets do it. Rock and roll.
  17. There is a comp for the quickest LAMS time !
    c'mon Campbell . . . . . . you can do it !! :LOL:
  18. Yeah I'm game.
    The VTR needs a new chain and sprocky anyway. Might as well go out in style.

    And anyway...I have a secret weapon...

    Never underestimate wind resistance.
  19. As I am relatively new to this internet stuff, so I did a bit of a search and this bike night thing is everywhere, how long have there been bike drag races in Sydney for?
  20. Years I think

    Better get there nice and early, I think this is gonna be a big night!