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[SYD/WOL] RNP and coast road @ 3:00pm TODAY!

Discussion in 'NSW' started by N1GH7-R1D3R, May 7, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Me and a mate on his R6 are going to go for a run up through the RNP and coast road in 1/2 hour. We are going to leave Wonoona McD's at ~3:00pm for a comfortable cruise up the coast road to Stanwell tops, then from stanwell tops through the RNP to sutherland and then home agian. If anyone want to come along you can either get to Maccas in Wonoona by 2:50pm and look for a black ZZR and Blue/white R6 or keep an eye out for the same 2 bikes at Stanwell tops around 3:20.


    P.S. Sorry for the late notice, my mate only just called me.

  2. Missed the cut, Josh, I don't know how I missed your post though, must have been when I was out in the garage fettling the Hornet for a ride south.....

    Quick ride up Macquarie Pass, and just about to buy a pie (as you do) when the clouds turned a dirty shade of winter, so we high-tailed it back down.

    Hope your little jaunt went well, Josh..
  3. Unfortunately it didn't go well. The mates R6 had VERY unexpected break down as we headed across the Sea Cliff Bridge. He said it felt like he had run out of fuel only he had a full tank. The power just faded, spluttered alittle bit wiht a twist on the throttle and then NOTHING.

    ALL the electrics work just fine (headlights, horn, blinkers etc.), however, when you hit the starter button you get ZIP, NADDA, NOTHING. Nothing a single sound, stirring or motion occurs.

    He is going to take it down to trevor jordans tomorrow and get it looked at. I'm guessing either a voltage regulator, fuel pump or maybe the startor motor.

    Josh =0)
  4. That's bum luck, looks like I got the best deal out of the impromptu rides this arvo :grin:
  5. Yep it was Bum luck. We ended waiting for 2 hours until we finally got a mate with a ute to come out and retrieve the bike. It was in a god awful position perched on the edge of the road near the end of the bridge.

    Oh well, you win some and loose some i guess.