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[SYD] Who would be interested in a track day?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by damov, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    I am keen to do a track day to really test out my R6 and I thought I would see just how many from the sydney quarter would be interested in attending.

    If we go to oran park as a group we are looking at about $129.90 each for the day.

    add $50 for full leathers.

    Post your serious interest here so I can determine wether its worth organising as a group.
  2. I'd might be interested, but would it be worth taking a cruiser (although a sports orientated cruiser) on a track day??
  3. Hey Damien, OT, but did you get my message about photographing the wedding for me???
  4. Take my interest as medium. Would like to do it, but life revolves around the fam at the moment.

    So it depends on what day etc.

    How many people do you need? Who's it through?
  5. Yeah I guess that would be fine. They dont have any restrictions on what bikes you can ride.

    We would be doing it through circut breakers. I only need 3 people to get that price.

    It would be in around a month or so not sure what day yet just wanting to see how many people would be interested.
  6. Yeah, I might come along then. Any dates in mind? I've got a couple of non-Netrider mates who might be interested too...
  7. Yah, just been to the Circuit Breakers site. July would be great, the restrictors come off my bike mid-June, jumping it from 37bhp to 72, so would love to see what it can do!!

    We wouldn't all have to ride in the group if we book as a group would we? I'd really only want to ride in group C or D...

    I'll have a chat to some of my mates tonight, see who else might be keen...
  8. I would come for a look and see how it all works ,im not up for the track YET!.
  9. So are there any other riders out there who actually want to "RIDE" on a track day?

    Thought there would be more interest for this out there.
  10. About an hour after I last posted on this one, my mate sent round an email advertising his Huge Annual Party on the 7th of July, so the 8th of July is now out for me sorry. I will probably still be drunk.

    Definitely keen for a track ride soon though...
  11. I'm interested but will be away with work for about 3 weeks over that period.
  12. If you like to fang your bike at speeds that would get you arrested on public roads without a care in the world, then definately.
  13. aight D im in just need to get cracking on a few things before i can confirm 100%
  14. Id like to but i cant commit until the last minute with work at the moment and dont have the money to throw away if i end up not being able to make it...
  15. damov, if you're keen for some track day buddies, check out "cbr250.com". There are riders there that regularly organise track days (and it's not just a 250 thing).