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[SYD] Who rides where? lives where?

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Sleddog, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. As of this week my bike is all run in and ready to ride.Gs500F.

    So i thought... as there is a few Sydney newbies like me ,that don't know any other riders or where people live or days they get off , days they can only ride.ect.
    I do shift work and get alot of weekdays off and can take any day off with 24hrs notice ,So im pretty much avalible 24/7 ,if you want to plan a ride.

    Im around parramatta ,or in the city.

    Keen to learn new road and meet up for rides ,coffee night {don't drink coffee but,LOL}

    Im still on my L's .but get full licence soon ,so only 80kph rides for me.

    I will meet up any where for a ride in any direction,i can do last minute rides ,so if you get a day off or got a few hrs to spare ,instead of riding around the block on your own ,you might find people close by and meet up for a quick spin and pass on moblie numbers for a quick SMS.

    So let us know the area you live ,if you get time off ect .
    If on your L's ,or riding skill level.
    It will make it easyer to have it all in this one section, so people can see if theres other people in the area or level of riding near by to get more rides for the sydney people happening.

    See you guys at coffee night on the 7th .if not changed the date again.

    Whats the weather looking like for this weekend?
  2. hey bud, will be back down in sydney bankstown in 1.5months. i'll be up for rides i'm a new p plater, just pm me!

  3. Mate, keen to do the same. I live in the hills area and am keen to go for a few rides and improve my skills but can only do weekends at the moment. send me a PM and I'll give you my details, we can catch up.
  4. I'm up for a ride most Saturdays, usually around the 250km mark. Pm if any of you feel up to it.
  5. sleddog,

    Send me a PM with your details, Im a L plater (1 week) and very keen for rides anytime. Im ususally in parra -> city area. riding, Sometimes head down to homebush for some late night practice. I can give you a buzz when im out for a practice ride.

  6. checkin in , ready to fly.
  7. I'm available weekends too, prefer Sunday's though and weekdays are a complete write off as I'm a 9-5er, although I will try to ride to work on Friday's if the weather is decent (not keen on rain).

    L's from December for the second time so still have to wait until April to get off them, so yeah, 80kph *cough*.

    I'm in Newtown, right in the city and it's easy for me to go west or south, although north seems to be the preferred destination of most riders.

    PM for my details.

  8. Why not ride down to Homebush Bay Brewery next Tuesday night for a meal and some coffee with lots of other Netriders?
  9. Count me in hornet, I'll be there!
  10. Not everone can make it .

    Im sure there is a ton of lurkers that will see this and hope they post. :grin:

    I sent PM's not sure if they worked ,heres my number anyway 0433242803.
  11. Im keen, Manly area

  12. I just PMéd Sled and said me and my mate Linda are going out to Camden for a loop ride around the Oaks and then lunch at an English style pub on Sunday.
    Lin is on her L plates also so I won't be hammering along. (honest officer)
    Anyone who wants to come along, leave a message here over next couple of days.
    I'll find an easy meeting place. I'm just off Tom Ugly's Bridge on the Sutherland Shire side of the river.
    Cheers: Jaq.
  13. I will know by tomorrow night ,if im working sunday ,i will post if i can make it or not.
    My bike had the first 1000km service today.
    VROOM VROOM ,see you guys out there sunday , or at coffee night tueday.
  14. I'm in for Tuesday night at the Brewery. Alas for this Sunday I cannot do :( , but are interested in other rides mainly on Sundays :).
  15. Hi canyon ,sundays are good for alot of people ,give it a week ot two we will try to get some rides going.

    See you tuesday night.

    Jaq ,i finish work at 4am sunday morning bed by 4,30 ,get up 9,30 helmet on a 10am .
    If the weather good ,i will meet you some where south west.
    I will PM you for start time and meeting point ect.
  16. 4.30 am sleep?

    Sorry mate, did not realise you went to bed at 4.30am.
    Meet us out at the King George Picton pub about 11am if you want.
    However Bankstown is only about 15 minutes from my place, meet us there at 10.30am if that's easier.
  17. Thanks for the great day out with you and Lin today Jaq, had a bloody ball on the roads that I never new were there, heaps of good tips on riding and looking after the bike.

    We rode about 200km round trip, to the top of the south coast and out to camden, would love to do that ride again, but I doubt I'd remember how to get there.

    Thanks for showing me the way and keeping us informed on what was coming up on the next part of the ride, felt safe and in good hands.

    We had a great lunch at the camden valley Inn, great company, nice weather for the day. Can't wait to do it all again.

    Cheers Sled.
  18. Yep great day out

    Sled: Yeah, was a good ride mate. Lin was doing ...ahem...a 100 kph on the way back. I've created a monster.
    Good thing about those roads I took you on, even on weekend little traffic once you turn off the main highway.
    Next time I'll take you guys out around the back of Picton to the Dam that overlooks the Blue Mtns from this side of the river. There's a great loop road that has you back at Camden.
    There is also a country route down to Mittagong. That's an all day ride. We normally head to Kiama and then stop for lunch at the Jamberoo pub or the Robinson Hotel. Then ride back up towards Picton on the way home.
    Lin and I doing our "explore the Blue Mtns" trip next weekend so I will post details of next ride here in the week after that.
    That's for coming along mate, you' re welcome any time.
    Cheers: Jaq.
  19. An all day ride sounds good ,im looking forward to it.
    Have a good trip up the mountains ,see you guys the week after.
  20. Include the Hornet, please :grin: