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[SYD] Where to Park in Pyrmont?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by smidge, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. So there's quite a few motorcycle parking zones in Ultimo and further into the city, but i've yet to find anywhere in Pyrmont where you can park your bike all day while at work....

    You don't need a ticket to park there but you can only stay 2hours where all the zones are 2p, 24 hours... i also wonder what happens with residents bikes?

    i'm totally stuck!

  2. Hey Smidge,

    I work in Pyrmont, and have parked in those 2P places all day. I thought that was ok, until I read your post. The Sydney Council site does say "remember to observe the time restrictions", however I never got booked for it.

  3. hey cole, thats good to know! Are you leaving it right on the main road of harris st? there are SO many parking police its not even funny

    i think i'm just gonna have to give it a go and see if i got fined, the guy i worked with found a spot within 3 minutes of looking, so typical haha!

    the LUCKY PARKA!!!!
  4. Lucky for me there is bike parking right our the front of my building. But I didn't use it at first because i didn't want to drop my crappy bike on a new Harley.

    No I was parking in the back streets round behind The Point Hotel.
  5. i virtually live in ultimo half the time.

    i have a resident/visitor sticker for my car but not my bike and have never had a ticket parking in a residential street with 1p (residents excepted) zoning.
  6. well, day 1 parking in pyrmont in the bike zone on harris st and the damage is as follows:

    1. rear reflector broken off and left sitting on my seat
    2. mirror stalks bent backwards (i never adjust them)
    3. covered in pollen from the trees above, looked like it had been snowed on
  7. The bike parking is crap in Pyrmont for bikes. Between louts, short parking times, and the parking cops I'm glad I park underground in a visitor's park.
  8. going from a lockup anytime access garage to this is a bit of a shock to the system

    any tips on finding a decent spot?
  9. how far down in pyremont are you? theres plenty of nooks and crannies up more towards ultimo and the goldsborough.
  10. down the commonwealth bank end, said parking area is just across from the point hotel