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[Syd] Where to buy Tyres in Sydney.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by daewoo, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. before anyone replies with;


    I did, nothing other than one thread where 3 people asked where and no one replied...

    I don't really have a 'local bike shop' that I am happy with. I live in Sutherland area, we have a few shops around, but I have lukewarm feelings about all of them...

    Is there any shops that people recommend between the CBD and Wollongong for new tryes...

    Is there a process I should go through rather than 3 hours on the phone ringing places...

    06 KLR650 Daily Commuter with some 'spirited' weekend riding... looking for the elusive combination of 30,000km life and race tyre like grip, almost free pricing...

  2. If you want to save a dollar , the best you can do is ring around. When I put on new tyres about a month ago , I rang 6 places , including site sponsers from this site and another , and then rang a local bike shop, and the local was $10 dollars more than the cheapest elsewhere. I went to local as it saved time , and when I went to pick up bike an hour later , they had dropped the price by about 10% without asking. Made it worth shopping local.
  3. <----

    But your local and mine aren't the same :)

    My outlaws live in Blackheave, I mean Bleakheath, I mean Blackheath, so I guess I could swing by your local on the way through...

    Was there much of a difference between the 6 places you called???

    I hate doing the ring around... been spoilt having company cars for too long I think...

    On my 4WD it was worth it, saved $200 bucks, but don't know where to start with bike stuff as I am pretty new to it...

    Thanks for your feedback,

  4. I got mine from Sydney performance in Taren Point. Tyres were reasonably priced and they're brilliant mechanics.

    Pay no attention to the burnt rubber in the carpark :grin:

    good blokes too... real friendly like
  5. Thanks for that... as said in my post, I am yet to find a LBS that I am happy with...

    I'll give them a call.

  6. Difference in price varied from $540 fitted to $590, ended up paying $510 fitted.
    My local is obviously different to yours , but just shows that it can be worth spending the few minutes to do a ring around.
  7. yep, SPM are great. i go there from the city.
  8. I got a set of BT021s bought and fitted this morning at Balmain Motorcycles. Rode in at 9 and out at 10 all done for $560. The guys were friendly and the mechanic didn't mind me hanging around to watch and see what a tyre change involves.

    They spout on their website that they're the cheapest for tyres in Sydney. Not sure how strong that holds up but from the service I received today I can see myself going back there in the future.

    And damn these are some nice tyres.... (finally rid of the uber hard Metzellers that came with the bike. 18000ks was a good life but the front was practically bald and the rear had a bit of a flat spot from daily commuting, but had plenty of life left.) These 021s are something else...
  9. I just put a set of Michelin Pilot Road 2CTs on at SPM. 190/50 and 120/70 - cost me $475 fitted. And thats riding in riding out.
  10. where was that?
  11. SPM - Taren Point - spmotorcycles . com . au