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[SYD] Where can i get new rear tyre bought and fitted?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by seanske, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. g'day

    any ideas where i can buy a new rear tyre for a NSR150SP and get it fitted on the same day??

    and roughly how much should i be lookin at for it?

    edit: sorry meant to ask if anyone has had any pleasant experiences with dealing with places in this regard..
  2. a tyre shop :!:

    most bike shops i know will be able to do this for you. stop being lazy and call some ;)
  3. See Brendan or Mark at SPM Taren Point, good guys and the best tyre prices going.
  4. Yep good value. Ride in and he'll do it on the spot for you :grin:
  5. I see Jeff over at Skidz on parramatta rd, nice guy. Call before you just rock up though!
  6. Western cycles on Mulgoa rd penrith or On two wheels penrith
  7. Is the rear axle removed at the same time that a tyre is replaced? I need to replace the rear axle and tyre on my ZXR250 and I was hoping to have both done at the same time by a tyre shop.
  8. Chivos in Granville.

    Unit 3-4 20 Crescent St Granville NSW 2142. p: (02) 96825950
  9. Didnt you ask basically the same question in the other thread? MAW, Action, Bike Biz, Sydney City, Frasers etc will all do the job and do it the same day... But call first and make sure they have stock.
  10. what is it with all these kind of threads.

    Where can i get a new tyre.
    Where can i get a puncture fixed
    where can i get .......

    have people lost the ability to use the yellow pages or google??
  11. +1 one as another happy customer.

    BlueRex, they don't have feedback, or honest testimonials in the Yellow Pages.
  12. my mistake coming to a motorcycle forum..asking other experencied riders for their opinion on motorcycle related issues

    u should be wearing the L plates..

  13. You want feed back for a tyre to be put on?

    I could understand asking for feed back on a mechanic.
  14. right there...you answered it

    what if i don't know many mechanics?

    what if i've been ripped off from all those shitty places like bikebiz and action and wanted to know what mechanics i could approach to avoid paying ridiculous prices on labour

    that was the point of this thread.
  15. No worries about it seanske, the main point is, you asked for help, it was understood and some sound advice and recommendations were given.

    Carry on.